Your global flight crew

We’ve founded global organisations, grown startups, planted 10 million trees, completed IPOs, rebuilt Iraq, and invented technology that has changed our world for the better.

We are big advocates of peer mentoring. We are happy to share our time on a voluntary basis, providing one-on-one advice to startup entrepreneurs on all aspects of running a business. We do this through “office hours”. We are available for 15 – 30 minute slots for a total of 1-2 hours a week. This symbol denotes participating “office hours” team members.

  • Alan Clayton Roaming Mentor, SOSV
  • Albert Wang
    Albert Wang Analyst, Chinacclerator
  • Alex Kopelyan
    Alex Kopelyan Program Manager, IndieBio
  • Andrew Ive Managing Director, FOOD-X
  • Arvind Gupta General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, IndieBio SF
  • Audrey Chen Investor Relations, SOSV
  • Benjamin Joffe
    Benjamin Joffe Partner, HAX
  • Bill Liao General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, RebelBio
  • Brad Higgins Venture Partner, SOSV
  • Brian Murphy Financial Controller, SOSV
  • Chris Zhang
    Chris Zhang Community Manager, Chinaccelerator
  • Cyril Ebersweiler General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, HAX
  • David Frazier
    David Frazier Community Manager, MOX
  • Duncan Turner General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, HAX Accelerator
  • Elsa Sotiriadis
    Elsa Sotiriadis Program Director, RebelBio
  • Ethan Haigh
    Ethan Haigh Program Manager, HAX Boost
  • Ji Ke
    Ji Ke Program Director, HAX
  • John Carrigan Chief Science Officer, RebelBio
  • Joshua Torrey
    Joshua Torrey IT Manager, SOSV
  • Jun Axup
    Jun Axup Director of Science, IndieBio
  • Justin Wong
    Justin Wong Associate, SOSV - Global Partnerships Manager
  • Kate Whitcomb
    Kate Whitcomb Program Director, HAX Boost
  • Kayla Liederbach Marketing Manager, SOSV
  • Kelly Kirkpatrick Analyst & Public Policy Advisor, SOSV
  • Laura Peterson
    Laura Peterson Engineering Manager, HAX
  • Lynn Deng
    Lynn Deng Office Manager, MOX
  • Maria O’Brien
    Maria O’Brien General Counsel, SOSV
  • Mary Zhucui Fund Accountant, SOSV
  • May Shi
    May Shi Community Manager, Chinaccelerator
  • Melody He Investment Partner, MOX
  • Mike Reed
    Mike Reed Mechanics Lead, HAX
  • Minjia Wu
    Minjia Wu Analyst, SOSV
  • Nick Plante Program Director, URBAN-X - Director of Technology, SOSV
  • Noel Joyce
    Noel Joyce Design Director, HAX
  • Nolan English Operations Manager, FOOD-X and URBAN-X
  • Oscar Ramos Program Director, Chinaccelerator
  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones Manufacturing Director, HAX
  • Qiyu Wu Operations Director, HAX
  • Rita Liao
    Rita Liao Marketing Manager. Chinaccelerator
  • Ron Shigeta
    Ron Shigeta Partner and Chief Science Officer, IndieBio SF
  • Ryan Bethencourt
    Ryan Bethencourt Partner and Program Director, IndieBio SF
  • Ryan Shuken
    Ryan Shuken Program Director, MOX
  • Sally Hudson Business Coach - Executive Assistant to Bill Liao
  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith Sourcing Manager, HAX
  • Sean O’Sullivan Founder and Managing Partner, SOSV
  • Shawn Broderick General Partner, SOSV
  • Sheng Ge
    Sheng Ge Analyst, SOSV
  • Sherry Jin
    Sherry Jin Office Manager, Chinaccelerator
  • Siobhán Murphy
    Siobhán Murphy Legal Analyst, SOSV
  • Stephen McCann General Partner and Chief Financial Officer, SOSV
  • Steve Cho
    Steve Cho Creative Lead, HAX
  • Steven O’Connell Program Manager, RebelBio
  • William Bao Bean General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, Chinaccelerator, Managing Director, MOX
  • William Farah
    William Farah Legal Counsel, SOSV