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Dec 21, 2022

SOSV’s IndieBio NY debuts new 25,000 sq. ft. office, lab and event space at 7 Penn Plaza in NYC

SOSV’s IndieBio NY has opened the doors to its new headquarters at 7 Penn Plaza—a 25,000-square-foot open office engineered to foster innovation and community in the New York deep tech ecosystem. The new facility will host startups in the IndieBio NY startup development program, which each year accepts 20+ pre-seed startups focused on human and […]

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Fortune May 05, 2023

Shake Shack rolls out plant-based shakes made with NotCo’s AI-designed NotMilk

Shake Shack just expanded its dairy-free milkshakes and custards (made in partnership with NotCo) to all 260 locations in the US. NotCo’s AI “Giuseppe” analyzes the product structure of foods at the molecular level and then replicates it using only plant-based ingredients. Giuseppe has the ability to find matches in flavor, texture, nutrition and functionality, among […]

TechCrunch May 01, 2023

SOSV GP & IndieBio CTO Pae Wu shares tips on how to turn research into a business

“It’s really important to understand the distinction between what it is to build a business, and what it is to build a research program.” SOSV GP and IndieBio CTO Pae W recently took the stage with Brian Heater at TechCrunch Early Stage to share her insights on how to turn research into a business—and why potential founders should consider leaving the “safety” of […]

Post Apr 21, 2023

Announcing the 2023 SOSV Climate Tech 100

In this third edition of our list, published yearly to mark Earth Day, we highlight the companies in our portfolio that demonstrated the most momentum and greatest potential impact on decarbonization.

Founder Stories Apr 11, 2023

Smartex is Creating the Textile Factory of the Future

Gilberto Loureiro grew up inspecting fabrics in a Portuguese textile factory. With Smartex, he and co-founders Antonio Rocha and Paulo Ribeiro are eliminating textile defects—and their enormous cost both to manufacturers and the environment. 

MassDevice Apr 10, 2023

Reach Neuro wins FDA Breakthrough approval for device that restores hand & arm movement post-stroke

In the US, an estimated 800,000 people per year have a stroke, and nearly half will experience some form of long-term paralysis as a result of permanent damage to the brain’s ability to send signals to muscles. Reach Neuro (IBSF 13) directly restores a patient’s ability to control movement post-stroke, not only giving immediate relief, […]

Post Apr 06, 2023

The HBDI assessment once saved SOSV. It can help your founding team, too.

Every Picard needs a Geordi La Forge

CNBC Mar 30, 2023

Windfall Bio secures $9M to put methane-eating microbes to work combatting climate change

Methane is the second largest contributor to climate change, behind carbon dioxide. It’s responsible for about 30% of the global increase in temperature since the Industrial Revolution, according to the International Energy Agency. Livestock like cows produce a lot of methane via burps and manure. Windfall Bio—which has created methane-eating enzymes that also make fertilizer—emerged […]

Post Mar 24, 2023

Early Registration for 2023 Climate Tech Summit – Special Offer

The third annual SOSV Climate Tech Summit is coming on Sept. 26-27, and we want to see you there. If you register early, and you are a climate VC or founder, we have a special offer.

TechCrunch Mar 16, 2023

HAX’s LexxPluss raises $10.7M to bring its autonomous mobile robots to the US

In warehouses around the world, many tasks are still manual—”over 85% of warehouses have almost no automation at all,” according to Masaya Aso, CEO of LexxPluss, in an interview with TechCrunch. To solve this problem, Aso founded LexxPluss (HAX 2020), a Japan-based startup that designs and develop autonomous mobile robots to transport loads and optimize […]

TechCrunch Mar 16, 2023

HAX’s Green Li-ion raises $20.5M to ramp up deployment of its battery-recycling machines

Lithium-ion batteries are technologically difficult and expensive to recycle—which is why 95% of batteries end up in a landfill and new battery production depends on environmentally costly lithium mining. Green Li-ion (HAX 2020) has pioneered a solution, and just raised fresh capital to expand its delivery to customers around the globe. The Singapore-based provider of […]