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Vertical Oceans
Bloomberg Sep 19, 2022

Bloomberg points to Singapore-based Vertical Oceans for eco-friendly shrimp farming

IndieBio’s Singapore-based aquaculture company Vertical Oceans (IndieBio SF11 2021) got a nod in Bloomberg’s article, “Shrimp Farming Is Coming to a City Near You”. Bloomberg described how venture capitalists poured $39B into the food tech companies in 2021, according to Pitchbook Data Inc. Vertical Oceans in particular raised a $4M seed round led by SOSV […]

Post Sep 12, 2022

Four new climate VCs – Voyager, World Fund, Earthshot Ventures, and Transition Global – to speak at SOSV Climate Summit

VCs from Voyager, World Fund, Earthshot, Transition to speak at SOSV Climate Tech Summit

TechCrunch Sep 10, 2022

IndieBio’s Catalog teams up with Seagate for DNA-based data storage platform

In the article “Synthetic DNA startup Catalog partners with Seagate for its DNA-based data storage platform”, TechCrunch reported that IndieBio’s Catalog (SF04 2016) is partnering with Seagate Technology to build its automated DNA-based platform for massive digital data storage and computation. In Sept. 2021, TechCrunch previously reported that Boston-based Catalog had closed a $35M series […]

Alt-protein companies like The EVERY Company and Prime Roots may reach faster consumer adoption than their plant-based counterparts, the Financial Times suggested in a new video.
The Financial Times Sep 10, 2022

Financial Times spotlights IndieBio’s The EVERY Company and Prime Roots as leaders in alt-protein precision fermentation

The Financial Times recently released a video titled “Fermenting: the future of animal-free meat?” in which Financial Times’ San Francisco correspondent Dave Lee interviewed IndieBio founders Arturo Elizondo from The EVERY Company (SF01 2015) and Kimberlie Le from Prime Roots (SF06 2018) to learn how precision fermentation is a significant contender in the alternative egg […]

Flair smart vents
TechCrunch Sep 09, 2022

HAX’s Flair closes $7.6M to redefine home energy consumption

Flair (HAX 06), a startup that produces smart HVAC vents for residential homes, recently raised $7.6 million in a series A, according to TechCrunch in “Smart vent startup Flair nabs $7.6M Series A to decarbonize buildings”. The funding was led by Active Impact Investments and Lowercarbon Capital with support from previous investors SOSV, Skyview, and […]

Bloomberg Sep 08, 2022

IndieBio’s New Culture teams up with ADM to bring animal-free mozzarella to Midwest pizzerias

In Bloomberg’s recent article “Vegan Mozzarella Set to Debut in Midwest Pizzerias in Latest ADM Bet”, Bloomberg reported that IndieBio’s New Culture (IndieBio SF08 2019) has partnered with agricultural trader and processor Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (ADM) to bring animal-free mozzarella to the U.S. food market.  New Culture creates animal-free casein protein using a fermentation process to […]

Post Sep 08, 2022

Breakout Q&A with Khosla Ventures, WorldFund and MCJ Collective at SOSV Climate Summit

WorldFund, MCJ Collective and Khosla Ventures to hold breakout sessions at SOSV Climate Summit

Post Sep 03, 2022

Carbon capture startups Terraformation, Twelve, and Brilliant Planet to speak at SOSV Climate Summit

With the world emitting about 50 gigatons of CO2e per year, IPCC scientists are convinced that a climate disaster is unavoidable unless we remove carbon from the atmosphere. So too is the White House, which increased the 45Q tax credit for carbon capture in the Inflation Reduction Act (aka, the climate bill) from $50 to […]

PunaBio microbes
TechCrunch Sep 02, 2022

IndieBio’s Puna Bio raises $3.7 to enlist nature’s extremophiles to help crops thrive

IndieBio’s regenerative agriculture specialist Puna Bio (IndieBio SF12 2021) has secured $3.7 million in a seed round led by Builders VC and At One Ventures, TechCrunch revealed in its article “Puna Bio’s extremophile microbe menagerie survives and revives depleted soil”. Other participants in the funding round include SOSV/IndieBio, SP Ventures, Air Capital, GLOCAL, and Grid […]

Endless West
PitchBook Sep 01, 2022

Pitchbook ranks SOSV #1 most active investor in foodtech

In its recent quarterly report (Q2 2022) on the foodtech sector, PitchBook identified SOSV as the most active VC investor in foodtech this year, citing scores of successful startups in SOSV and IndieBio’s portfolio. While the foodtech industry boomed amid the COVID-19 pandemic—especially e-commerce businesses that provided safe grocery and meal access—recent price inflation for […]