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Dec 21, 2022

SOSV’s IndieBio NY debuts new 25,000 sq. ft. office, lab and event space at 7 Penn Plaza in NYC

SOSV’s IndieBio NY has opened the doors to its new headquarters at 7 Penn Plaza—a 25,000-square-foot open office engineered to foster innovation and community in the New York deep tech ecosystem. The new facility will host startups in the IndieBio NY startup development program, which each year accepts 20+ pre-seed startups focused on human and […]

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TechCrunch Mar 16, 2023

HAX’s Green Li-ion raises $20.5M to ramp up deployment of its battery-recycling machines

Lithium-ion batteries are technologically difficult and expensive to recycle—which is why 95% of batteries end up in a landfill and new battery production depends on environmentally costly lithium mining. Green Li-ion (HAX 2020) has pioneered a solution, and just raised fresh capital to expand its delivery to customers around the globe. The Singapore-based provider of […]

Post Mar 13, 2023

Founders, VCs: Join SOSV’s Human Health Matchup April 3-7

SOSV is sponsoring a matchup for investors and founders in the human health category.

TômTex alt-leather
Bloomberg Mar 03, 2023

IndieBio’s TômTex in the spotlight for alt-leather made from shrimp shells

Shrimp shell-based “leather” maker TômTex (IndieBio NY03) was recently the subject of two feature articles from Bloomberg and WIRED.  TômTex turns raw chitosan—a biopolymer that makes up crustacean shells, mushroom cell walls, and insect exoskeletons—into a viscous liquid that can be dyed, molded, stamped, and 3D printed. The final product can act as a one-to-one […]

Renovate Robotics
TechCrunch Mar 03, 2023

HAX’s Renovate Robotics closes $2.5M pre-seed to automate roofing

HAX’s automated roofing company Renovate Robotics has announced a $2.5M pre-seed round led by Alley Robotics Ventures with support from SOSV’s HAX, Newlab, Uphonest Capital, and Climate Capital. Renovate Robotics builds robotic systems that install both asphalt and solar shingles, removing the dangers human contractors face when roofing. Using a winch-based system, a robot tethered […]

Reach Neuro
The Wall Street Journal Mar 01, 2023

IndieBio’s Reach Neuro celebrates landmark results in stroke treatment study

The Wall Street Journal, along with scores of other outlets including AP News, The New York Times, STAT, and WIRED, recently hailed a pilot study published in Nature Medicine demonstrating a breakthrough in post-stroke treatment to return mobility to the arms and hands of stroke patients. Indie Bio’s Reach Neuro (SF13 2022), which participated in the study, is working to translate the […]

TechCrunch Mar 01, 2023

HAX’s sustainable nanofiltration company SepPure snags $12M Series A 

Chemical membrane company SepPure Technologies recently closed a $12M Series A led by SOSV, with participation from Anji Microelectronics, RealTech Fund, Seeds Capital, EPS Ventures, and others.  With traditional gas-based distillation, oils are extracted and purified from their source (a seed, fiber, or other organic material) by heating the source in solvent to separate it […]

Axios Mar 01, 2023

IndieBio’s Aluna gets a $15M wave of support for AI-enabled asthma monitoring platform

Aluna (IndieBio 03), the San Francisco-based respiratory management platform, has closed out a $15.3M series B funding round led by previous investor Matrix Partners with support from SOSV, Rho Ignition, and Dr. Warner Carr, an allergist and early adopter of Aluna’s platform. The round brings Aluna’s total funding to date to $27M.  Aluna’s FDA-cleared spirometer […]

Post Feb 27, 2023

HAX’s Youibot robots star in Chinese sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth II

Landing a lead role in a Chinese sci-fi blockbuster was the last thing autonomous robot maker Youibot expected when it set up its exhibit at Shanghai’s World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) back in 2021. The Youibot team had no way of knowing that the production team for a sequel to the sci-fi thriller The Wandering […]

Post Feb 23, 2023

Pitchbook ranks SOSV as #1 investor in carbon & emissions tech

PitchBook’s Q4 Carbon & Emissions Tech Report features SOSV as the top VC in the space by deal count since 2018. Per the report, the broader carbon tech space saw record investment in 2022, perhaps spurred by the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the US and the launch of four programs aiming to “help […]

Planetarians' plant-based whole cuts
TechCrunch Feb 21, 2023

IndieBio’s Planetarians raises $6M to leverage upcycled ingredients for two-ingredient, plant-based whole cut meats

Plant-based meat maker Planetarians (IndieBio Food-X 08) has closed a $6M seed II round led by Mindrock, which was covered by TechCrunch (“Planetarians grabs $6M to get its plant-based protein into foodservice orbit”). The funding round, which brings Planetarians’ total funding to date to $6.7M, also included SOSV, Traction Fund, Techstars, and AB InBev, which […]