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HAX Program
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HAX is the world’s first and most active pre-seed program focused on hard tech startups. HAX helps founders tap into the world’s premier ecosystems for real-world product development, manufacturing and fundraising.

The flagship HAX program provides 6-months collaborative residency, hands-on engineering support, and an initial investment package of $250,000-500,000 with millions available in SOSV follow-on funding. Over 290 startups have graduated from the program since 2012 with cumulative value of over $9 billion. HAX graduates have raised nearly $2 billion, including $145 million from SOSV.

HAX partnered last year with the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (NJEDA) in a five-year, $25 million project to open a state-of-the-art HAX facility in Newark, New Jersey

The program hosts 20 companies per year and focus on startups in manufacturing, healthcare, and climate tech. HAX has 24 companies on the SOSV Climate Tech 100 and 37 companies on the SOSV Health Tech 100. Among HAX’s best known alumni are Opentrons, R-Zero, Youibot, Smartex, and Avidbots.

SOSV general partners Cyril Ebersweiler and Duncan Turner operate HAX. Partner Garrett Winther leads the Newark program and partner Ji Ke oversees Shenzhen. Partner Susan Schofer is HAX’s chief science officer.

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Upside Food
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IndieBio is the world’s first and most active pre-seed opportunity for startups in human and planetary health. IndieBio helps scientist entrepreneurs harness disruptive products and processes so that they can secure venture capital.

IndieBio works virtually or in-person with founders for four-months, providing daily, 1:1 support from staff scientists engineers and mentors in well equipped laboratory spaces shared with a cohort of 10-15 companies. Companies receive an investment package of  $250,000 – $500,000, and their choice of IndieBio locations, either New York City or San Francisco. Some 215 companies have graduated from IndieBio since 2014, and they have gone on to raise $2.6 billion, including $163 million from SOSV, and in aggregate a valuation of $7.7 billion.

In 2020, Indiebio announced a $25 million project with The Partnership for New York City and New York state to open IndieBio’s program in New York City. IndieBio has 44 companies on the SOSV Human Health 100 and 58 companies on the SOSV Climate Tech 100. Among IndieBio’s best known alumni are Upside Foods, Perfect DayNotco, and The Every Company.  

General Partners Po Bronson, Pae Wu (also CTO)  and Mohan Iyer lead IndieBio SF and General Partner Stephen Chambers oversees IndieBio in NYC. Sabriya Stukes is the Chief Science Officer at IndieBio NY. 

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