Kelly Kirkpatrick

Director of Operations, SOSV

As Operations Director at SOSV, Kelly provides strategic oversight of projects across SOSV including portfolio management, platform and IT project implementation, marketing, syndicate development, and community. She also supports the Managing Partner and investor relations team on fundraising.

As public policy advisor at SOSV, Kelly worked on a number of policy and community initiatives in Ireland, including drafting, launching and implementing the Irish government’s National Forum on Entrepreneurship recommendations, and driving successful adoption of the trusted partner scheme through Open Ireland, an initiative to streamline the visa process for non-EU tech workers to Ireland. Kelly is also director of the O’Sullivan Foundation, which supports global STEM organizations including Khan Academy and Coderdojo.

Before joining SOSV, Kelly worked in philanthropy, consulting operations, and on regulation development and analysis at the California Environmental Protection Agency. A native of California, Kelly holds a B.S. Ed. in Social Policy from Northwestern University, and a Masters in Business Science from University College Cork where she was a 2013 George J. Mitchell Scholar.


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