Mary Zhucui
Risk Controller, SOSV

Zhu Cui is the risk controller for SOSV China Fund, based in Shenzhen. She provides operational line management with a comprehensive and professional integrated risk management service, including people management, reporting to the local regulator, and relationships with China Fund LPs. She also works closely together with the investment team of SOSV China Fund to ensure that the Fund operates in a lawful and ethical manner.

Zhu Cui is an integral member of SOSV finance team. She also facilitates negotiations between the SOSV back office and China. She has managed tax, payroll, and expense processes for SOSV’s 100+ staff across three continents.

Zhu Cui brings her extensive experience interfacing between China and international markets to SOSV. Before joining SOSV Ireland, she acted as the international liaison for SOSV China, facilitating productive engagements for SOSV portfolio companies working in Asia. She was also integral to the Chinaccelerator program, helping pave the way for seed-funding programs in China.

Aside from her work with SOSV, Zhu Cui has had a variety of unique roles primarily in the social impact space. She co-founded Flowers of the Mountain, an NGO aimed at alleviating educational inequalities in rural villages in western China. Her work has given her a strong background in educational programming and social enterprise fundraising.