Arvind Gupta

General Partner, SOSV - Managing Director, IndieBio

As General Partner and Managing Director of IndieBio in San Francisco, Arvind brings over a decade of experience in helping startups and Fortune 500 companies to launch new tech products. Arvind launched SOSV’s premier biotechnology accelerator program, IndieBio, as well as InteractX accelerator (formerly Leap Axlr8r), focused on building the future of interaction design. He oversaw hiring and construction of the world’s first wet lab constructed by a VC for purposes of biotechnology acceleration, and plays a pivotal role in providing purpose-driven design expertise for SOSV investments globally.

Formerly Design Director of Product Development and Strategy at IDEO, Arvind holds numerous US patents and international design awards, and is a recognized thought leader in design and technology. Particularly focused on biotechnology/biodesign and the human-computer interaction space, Arvind is a former equity options Market Maker, TEDx speaker, author, and co-founded fitness startup Starters (

Arvind holds a degree in Genetic Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from San Francisco State University. He is a national Jujitsu champion.


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