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Genesis Consortium

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Meet the unique investing entities that originated at SOSV and remain closely aligned with our fund.

SOSV Consortium Members

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SOSV’s IndieBio and venture fund Mayfield created the consortium as an alliance of venture corporations and funds committed to advancing human and planetary health.

The goal is to provide a strong foundation for life science entrepreneurs, the early stage venture ecosystem, and society at large.

We invite those committed to life science investing to join the Genesis Consortium. In addition to SOSV and Mayfield, current members include venture funds DCVC, Litani and Salt and corporate VCs at ADM and Syensqo Ventures.

The Genesis Consortium works with IndieBio to produce regular in-person events on life sciences investing at IndieBio’s events spaces in San Francisco and New York City. In addition, the consortium participates in SOSV’s annual Climate Tech Summit.

The Genesis Consortium enables a greater range of VCs and corporates to invest more actively in the future of human and planetary health. We provide a strong foundation for life science entrepreneurs, the early stage venture ecosystem, and society at large.

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dlab is a pre-seed stage venture capital firm exploring opportunities in decentralization and web3.

In January 2023, dlab spun out of SOSV. Former SOSV GP Shawn Broderick and former SOSV partner Nick Plante are the general partners in the new fund. SOSV is dlab’s anchor limited partner.

Broderick and Plante launched dlab in 2019 to work with founders delving into web3, decentralization, and blockchain. Their goal was to find earliest-stage startups building the infrastructure necessary to realize the vast ambitions of our decentralized future.

Despite the swings endemic to crypto, dlab’s web3 thesis has proven out well. Prior to dlab’s separation, SOSV invested in 23 dlab startups, including:  API3, building first-party oracles to bring data on-chain via trustless apps;; WeatherXM, the world’s first commercial, community-powered weather network; and Light Protocol, an open-source, zk layer on Solana enabling private transfers and program execution.

To learn more, visit dlab.

Pakistan’t B2B marketplace Dastgyr
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Orbit Startups helps startups with breakthrough technologies reach global scale by expanding across emerging and frontier markets.

As of January 1, 2024, Orbit became an independent fund with SOSV as its anchor limited partner. SOSV general partners William Bao Bean and Oscar Ramos are the founding general partners of Orbit Startups.

The fund originated at SOSV in 2022 as the successor to SOSV’s Chinaccelerator, which started in 2010 and was Asia’s first startup accelerator.  Orbit also incorporated the accelerator MOX, which launched in Taipei in 2015.

Orbit backs tech players that can impact millions of lives at once—startups that are solving monumental problems in healthcare, climate, education, finance, and logistics.

Orbit provides early stage (up to series A) founders the opportunity to work virtually or in-person with Orbit’s growth experts. Orbit provides $150,000 in capital and introductions to raise follow-on rounds. Orbit conducts four cohorts each year with approximately 10 companies in each.

The Orbit portfolio includes companies based in more than 30 countries with particular focus on startups operating in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and other emerging markets.

Among the best known companies in the Orbit portfolio are VideoVerse, Elsa, BitMEX and Dastgyr.

Visit Orbit Startups.

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