Catherine Seo
Corporate Investor Relations & Analyst, Indiebio

Catherine Seo is the Program Coordinator for IndieBio SF where she supports social media management and general operations. Prior to joining SOSV, she was a ‘21 Northern California Coro Fellow in Public Affairs where she worked across sectors in the Bay Area, including the City and County of San Francisco, the National Labor Relations Board, Beneficial State Foundation, VC Include, and IndieBio SF.

She completed her BS in bioengineering from UC Riverside where she found her passion for business, innovation, and life sciences. During her undergrad years, she also led efforts in closing healthcare disparities through the Flying Samaritans, conducted research in tissue engineering, and was recognized nationally for her research with multiple accolades and publications.

In the future, Catherine hopes to further develop these interfaces between science, innovation, and business for a better and healthier future. In her free time, Catherine enjoys exploring different cultures via travel and food, playing tennis, hiking, running, and taking scenic drives.