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The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Food 2017

FAST COMPANY – The food industry is rapidly changing as consumers develop an appetite for bold new flavors, healthier and more eco-friendly options, and more control over how their food gets served, delivered, and made. These 10 companies, including SOSV, have hit on strategies that are serving up the biggest change in the industry.

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Why China’s Silicon Valley Is a Magnet for Tech Millennials

BLOOMBERG – When Alex Chen and his brother Harrison wanted to get their ping pong-playing robot up and running, it wasn’t Silicon Valley they turned to for help. Instead it was Shenzhen, a former fishing village bordering Hong Kong that has the strongest claim to be China’s answer to Silicon Valley. About a thousand startup […]

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Hardware and robots to watch at the HAX IX demo day

TECHCRUNCH – HAX, an accelerator for hardware and robotics startups, is holding its 9th Demo Day in San Francisco today. Startups pitching investors there span industries from education to agriculture and medicine. Examples include: FLASH Robotics’ “social robot” EMYS that teaches kids how to speak a new language; Amber Agriculture’s bean-shaped sensors that monitor corn in silos, and help […]

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Life inside a Shenzhen hardware accelerator

Although innovation is spreading throughout China, Shenzhen had a head start. Speaking about connected hardware, Duncan Turner, managing director at HAX, says that the city is “always going to have an unfair advantage over anywhere else.”

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