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Portfolio Companies

Genetic Anomalies

Pre-WWW online gaming company with virtual property economic model. Sold the first virtual goods on the Internet in 1997. Mimic’d Collectible Card Game economics – but without printing cards. Acquired by THQ in 1999.

Locations: United States


DemystData works at the intersection of big data, technology, and banking. We help financial service providers, like online lenders and banks, access and apply booming amounts of customer data. We use this data to improve customer decision making in areas such as identity verification, credit underwriting, fraud management, marketing, and more.

Locations: United States


MATCH is the first job shop of NetEase with a network in the United States. It offers a network of job opportunities in the beauty industry, which makes it easy to collaborate.

Locations: China

Living Food Company

LFC delivers fresh and healthy food directly to consumers. Through our managed marketplace, Living Food offers the highest product quality standards ever seen in India with world-class customer experience.

Locations: India


HotTab is a multi-lingual tablet system for hotels. POS is a comprehensive and easy-to-use POS solution for businesses big and small while Hottab Biz is a loyalty and analytics app that transforms physical stores of all types into digitized storefronts. HotTab provides reliable F&B solutions to our partners along with professional customer care services from […]

Locations: Vietnam


Discover the Best of Health, Beauty & Fitness. Compare prices & read reviews to shop on the platform of your choice.

Locations: India


SOMATIC is a robotic cleaning service for commercial bathrooms.

Locations: United States

Karma Biotechnologies

Karma is an in vivo cell therapy company that uses a proprietary LNP technology to reprogram key immune cells to infiltrate tumors and break down their defenses from within. Karma’s ionizable LNPs can target and reprogram macrophages within the spleen using DNA., RNA, or both, which can then home to tumor sites and produce therapeutics […]

Locations: United States


Rocketship helps coaches deliver curriculum and mentorship, build community, and transform lives.

Locations: United States


Our AI automates online grocery shopping and personal precision nutrition for better health outcomes, lower cost, and zero food waste. We partner with health plans and at-risk organizations to engage the most vulnerable, chronically-ill members or patients with medically-tailored, fresh ingredient delivery and behavioral and dietary guidance.

Locations: United States

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