IndieBio EU Gets a New Name: RebelBio

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IndieBio EU, SOSV’s Cork-based biotech accelerator, has a new name. Previously there were two branches of IndieBio, IndieBio SF (San Francisco) and IndieBio EU (Cork, Ireland)–now the accelerators have been rebranded as IndieBio and RebelBio, respectively.

You’re probably thinking, “They’re both biotech accelerators… so what’s the difference?”

The difference is the accelerator now dubbed RebelBio, located in Cork, Ireland, is committed to a new mission. The rebranding now reflects this mission–helping improve the life of humans, and life in general, by using biology as a technology. The accelerator will accept applications from founders with experience ranging from the independent biohacker to the most advanced PhD. In relation to their selection of the actual name, RebelBio stated, “Cork has forever been known as the Rebel County, and we want to honour the history by encouraging entrepreneurs globally to use biology as a technology to impact society for the better.”

Ireland is a country that RebelBio’s Associate Director and Program Manager, Steven O’Connell, says is ripe for startups.

“Ireland is becoming an emerging hotspot for lean cost competitive synthetic biology and life sciences startups, and RebelBio is at the forefront–a beacon attracting and supporting entrepreneurship in global biological technology and technologically enabled biology,” O’Connell said on the RebelBio website.

In addition to the name change, RebelBio’s structure has changed as well. RebelBio is adding a one month business pre-accelerator program in addition to the three month program spent in RebelBio’s fully-equipped lab. The one month pre-accelerator has been added in order to “prime young science based startups for the realities of the business environment.” This newly developed addition will hopefully improve the startups’ knowledge-base and experience of the business world.

Some other goals were listed for the newly-named RebelBio:

  • Increase individual mentorship for each startup
  • Optimize business and scientific strategies for each startup
  • Work in tandem with IndieBio to grow and engage startups from developed and emerging countries
  • Scale the program to two cohorts a year instead of the current one cohort per year

Applications for RebelBio’s startup program are still ongoing, and the deadline has been extended to March 1st.

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