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With more than $1.5 billion in assets under management and nearly 300 investments per year, including 100+ pre-seed rounds in new startups, SOSV is one of the most active venture investors in the world. Our industry-leading startup development programs include HAX (hard tech), IndieBio (human and planetary health), and Orbit Startups (growth in emerging and frontier markets).

Smartex founders, HAX

Deep tech for humanity

SOSV’s core mission is to fund visionary, deep tech founders who aim to deliver a radically beneficial impact on human and planetary health. SOSV aims to be the “first check in deep tech.” As of April 2023, our top 100 climate tech companies have an aggregate valuation of $11.69 billion and have raised $3.77  billion, while our top 100 health startups are valued at $6.47 billion with $1.42 billion raised. SOSV is consistently ranked by PitchBook as a top investor in both categories.

SOSV Founder Sean O’Sullivan

High touch, high value

SOSV is building companies, not just taking founders’ equity for advice and introductions. Our startup development programs offer in-person and remote options with a 1:2 staff-to-founder ratio, including engineering, science and startup experts working in advanced lab and fabrication facilities. Our approach helps founders hit critical inflection points sooner, which speeds up fund-raising and reduces dilution. SOSV helps founders go further, faster.

First of Many Checks
Prototype development at HAX

First check in deep techTM

At SOSV, a pre-seed investment is the beginning, not the end. We start investing with up to $500,000 when a startup joins one of our programs. We continue funding successful companies through series seed, series A and beyond, thanks to the SOSV Select Fund. Our general partners tap our network of thousands of investors to help founders find lead investors and syndicate partners. In 2022, SOSV made follow-on investments  in 161 program alumni companies. Last year, SOSV companies raised $2.0 billion.

IndieBio SF lab

Diverse by design

SOSV recognized before Silicon Valley that great founders come from all geographies, genders and races. Our 2600 founders represent 84 nationalities and operate in 56 countries. More than 70% of our founders are from outside the US, and 30% are from low- to middle-income countries, as defined by the World Bank. SOSV has a strong track record of investing in women entrepreneurs. SOSV has invested in 500 women founders, and 1 in 3 of our companies have at least one female founder. Approximately $1 in every $3 that SOSV invests through its core funds goes to a company led by a female founder.

SOSV For Life
IndieBio SF demo day

SOSV for life 

A typical startup “accelerator” has little to offer once demo day is done, which is one reason SOSV no longer uses the term. At SOSV, we not only continue investing long after startups have completed our programs, we offer an open platform to support our program alums.

We continue to make investor introductions and provide ongoing access to experts on the SOSV teams. SOSV also maintains a vibrant, Slack-based peer-to-peer founder community and programs private founder-focused events covering topics from legal to marketing. We also provide our startups visibility through public franchises such as the SOSV Climate Tech 100, the SOSV Human Health 100, and the SOSV Climate Tech Summit. SOSV is for life.

SOSV Programs

SOSV staff at HAX, IndieBio, and Orbit Startups work with founders around the world

Helping hard tech founders tap into the world’s premier ecosystems for real-world product development, manufacturing and fundraising.
Dedicated to turning scientists into entrepreneurs determined to save lives and save the planet, based in San Francisco and New York City.
A virtual and in-person program for breakthrough startups in emerging and frontier markets focused on aggressive growth.

Not sure which program is right for your startup?

Learn more about SOSV pre-seed investment and startup development programs.

A Day in the Life of SOSV

Scenes from SOSV’s offices in San Francisco, New York, Newark, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Taipei.

Invest with SOSV

SOSV welcomes co-investors in portfolio companies as well as limited partners in SOSV funds

Invest in our Companies

SOSV’s portfolio companies raise 200 follow-on rounds each year, and the co-investors in SOSV’s 1000+ portfolio number in the 100s. SOSV aims to build a global, diverse network of investors, and new co-investors are always welcome.

Invest in our Funds

SOSV is a multi-stage VC that invests in 100+ pre-seed startups each year and joins hundreds of follow-on rounds through SOSV’s core and select funds. New limited partners interested in “human and planetary health” are welcome.

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