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Meeting decarbonization targets necessitates the development of substantial grid-scale storage solutions that can charge and discharge twice a day. The use of lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology, while prevalent, becomes economically challenging for multiple daily cycles, due to accelerated degradation and decreasing performance over its usable lifetime. This leads to high cell replacement costs and also limits cycles to one a day in practice.

Addressing this need, Qnetic introduces a pioneering solution designed for multiple daily discharges, ranging from 4 to 12 hours duration, marking a significant innovation in energy storage with the world’s largest kinetic energy storage device tailored for such applications. Qnetic’s device boasts the capability to store 2MWh of energy, delivering a maximum power of 500kW at a remarkably efficient Capex of $100/kWh.

Their energy storage systems are also highly durable, dramatically extending the usable lifetime without meaningful degradation. This breakthrough positions Qnetic as a pivotal player in a gap within the energy storage market. By offering a solution that has around double the operational revenues of Li-ion batteries, Qnetic not only enhances the economic viability of long-duration energy storage but also accelerates the transition towards more sustainable energy systems.