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KOLs and influencers drive sales but platforms like YouTube and Instagram make all the money. FlashFomo helps KOLs and influencers to make money by helping them create and sell their own branded products end-to-end from design, manufacturing, sales and fulfillment. FlashFomo has signed Universal Music, CJ ENM Korea, and Collab Asia.

KOL网红和名人帮助品牌推广销售产品,但包括Youtube和Instagram在内的平台拿走了大部分利润。FlashFomo为网红和名人打造其自有品牌的产品,提供包括设计、制造、销售和配送在内的一系列服务,从而为KOL们增加新的收入来源。FlashFomo目前正与Universal Music,CJ ENM Korea和Collab Asia合作。