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Milk Moovement
As part of Pitchbook’s Q2 agtech report, Pitchbook highlighted Milk Moovement as a participant in one of the key agtech early-stage VC deals this year. Source: Milk Moovement

In its recent quarterly report (Q2 2022) on the agtech sector, PitchBook identified SOSV as the most active VC investor in agtech this year, featuring several successful startups in SOSV’s portfolio. As of June 30, SOSV secured 18 total agtech deals, 12 being angel and seed. 

SOSV tops Pitchbook's list of agtech investors
Source: PitchBook

Appearing in PitchBook’s market map for this sector was SOSV’s indoor smart farm developer Farmshelf, pollination specialist Beeflow, and dairy supply chain software developer Milk Moovement

PitchBook specifically highlighted biomanufacturer Unicorn Biotechnologies in its list of key agtech angel and seed deals in Q2 2022. The company, which is developing a cultivated meat using a cell-based biomanufacturing platform, has raised $3.2M in a series seed round.

Key agtech angel & seed deals
Source: PitchBook

Milk Moovement appeared again in PitchBook’s report of key agtech early-stage VC deals with a $20.4M series A led by Richard Cargill and VMG Partners. The company’s goal is to innovate dairy software for all players in the raw milk supply chain.

Key agtech early-stage VC deals
Source: PitchBook