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After 12 years in various corporates, I started my entrepreneurship journey with a Food-Tech Startup in Bangalore, India. The startup was acquired by CureFit within 8 months, giving great cash return to the investors. I am not shy of doing the smallest of the jobs at my workplace for example: During my Food-Tech days my first task of the day at 6:30 AM was to clean the toilet which all employees shared. While managing ops and tech, I also did food deliveries. These tasks not only were fun and humbling but they also gave me great consumer and business insight. At Phable, while managing sales and tech, I get involved in delivery of lab tests and pharmacy to our patients OR interacting with patients for support queries and feedback. Seriously, it is a lot of fun :).

I have a deep understanding of technology sales and implementation. My experience in selling technology products to a wide range of customers helped me understand user perspective and drivers of adoption.

This unique combination allows me to bridge the connect between great technology and its actual use case. Working closely with my customers, users, and employees is my passion.