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We are currently facing large labor shortages across healthcare. Despite increasing demand for
healthcare, there is insufficient growth of labor, and in fact there has been a 5% per year drop in healthcare labor force.That is why Open Shelf is developing low-cost, AI-automated inventory management for healthcare. Open Shelf technology will free up clinicians’ time, so that they can focus on patients, rather than inventory management. Open Shelf combines modular, scalable robotic automation with intelligent control to deliver an automated robotic retrieval & restocking solution. This enables real-time inventory data, predictive reordering, all while reducing labor requirements, increasing operational consistency, and eliminating overstock and wastage. Founded by Chiu Chau, 3x founder & roboticist. Chiu previously founded & led OpenTrons, a YC-, HAX-, and Khosla-backed company to a $1.8B valuation.