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Spraying and coating is a 220+ billion dollar market. From cars to crops, from boats to batteries – spraying is a critical operation in many multi-billion dollar industries globally. But today’s practices are far from perfect. Specifically current spray processes for automotive are highly inefficient. These processes are high in cost, making up 30% of OEM operating costs; inefficient, with 30% of paint solids being wasted; riddled with quality issues, where 25% of parts have painting defects; all of this together leads to massive environmental Impact, making up 65% of OEM plants’ emissions. Mazlite has built a unique solution to these challenges, and is transforming the industrial spraying and coating industry with predictive quality control through physics-based AI, inline sensors, and advanced process digitization. Their solution elevates product quality, enhances sustainability, improves efficiency and lowers energy usage. Mazlite is transforming the industry by providing a pre-application spray monitoring and digitization solution. With their physics-based AI, they’re shifting industries from reactive corrections to proactive control. Data gathered through their pilots with major automotive OEMs has demonstrated that they enable global savings of $12.9B per year based on cumulative decreased spending on labor, down time, reduced defects, and reductions in waste.