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Carolina has been a fundamental anchor in the growth of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Latin America. Having been a Resolution Fellow in 2009 (Harvard) she later became a lead member of the team that created and managed the recognized public policy Start-Up Chile. As an entrepreneur, Rossi founded the first Chilean carpooling company in the south-cone and later build a regional podcast network to empowered Latinos in tech (InnovaRock). Appointed as a consultant for Government organizations has given her the capacity to understand different policies and legal environments worldwide. Her strengths are in the building and empowering communities – she is also a Red Bull Global Mentor – with measurable goals as well as creating long-term valuable networks in public/private sector. She has achieved an incredible capacity to work with teams from different cultures to scale initiatives at a global level. Her analytic skills and technical understanding of how to support and why to run startups have made her one of the strongest voices of the tech ecosystem between Latin America and Europe