AvantGuard™, formerly Halomine, is revolutionizing the fight against harmful pathogens with our innovative technology that provides long-term protection against viruses, bacteria, and fungi/mold. Our proprietary combinations of specialty molecules and polymers are customized to deliver prolonged antimicrobial efficacy to a wide range of surfaces and materials, making them ideal for use in healthcare, food processing, and hospitality industries.

Did you know that hospital-acquired infections and food-borne illnesses cost the world over $100B annually? Unlike current disinfectants that only offer temporary (15-minute) protection, AvantGuard’s groundbreaking technology effectively holds chlorine from standard disinfectants on surfaces for as long as a month, extending the lifetime and overall utility of chlorine to continuously protect a variety of surfaces.

Halomine Inc. was founded in 2018 as a Cornell University-based spin-out company. Since then, we have partnered with world-renowned universities, programs, incubators, and scientists to expand on our original research. We have also licensed N-halamine technology from both Cornell and Auburn University, where they have been working on N-halamine development for 30 years. Our technology has been recognized with several grants, awards, and partnerships with leading organizations in surface protection and beyond.

Visit our website at https://www.avantguardinc.com/ to learn more about how AvantGuard can help protect you and your surfaces from harmful pathogens.