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As the Oil and Gas industry pivots towards large-scale decarbonization, the challenge of transitioning assets without compromising their remaining value becomes paramount. Arculus, leveraging research from MIT, introduces a groundbreaking coating technology that rejuvenates existing gas transmission infrastructure for hydrogen transport, whether pure or blended. This innovation presents a cost-effective method to adapt pipelines for hydrogen without the need for excavation. Arculus’s pioneering multi-layer coating is applied internally via a specially designed pigging robot. This robot navigates through pipelines, deploying a coating resistant to hydrogen permeation, thereby extending the life and utility of these assets. The technology facilitates the retrofitting of gas pipelines to safely transport hydrogen-natural gas blends at any concentration, effectively preventing steel embrittlement. This approach not only represents a significant cost saving for gas distribution companies by avoiding expensive infrastructure overhauls but also expedites the deployment and distribution of hydrogen, aligning with global decarbonization goals.