HAX’s VC-Founder Industry Hard Tech Matchup is now accepting applications. Register today!

SOSV’s HAX is hosting its free VC-Founder Industry Hard Tech Matchup, with meetings taking place online from July 22-26 (Mon-Fri).

This virtual event will bring together 100+ early stage startups and 100+ investors for 1:1 meetings online over a week, scheduled at mutually convenient times.

Why should you attend?

Since 2022, SOSV Matchups have generated over 7,000 one-on-one meetings in Health Tech, Climate Tech and Industrial Tech, receiving high praise from over 3,000 participants:

  • “We find months worth of deal flow in a single week” (investor)
  • “High quality meetings.” (investor)
  • “The most value we’ve ever received.” (startup founder)
  • “More VC meetings in a week than in half a year.” (startup founder)

Who should attend?

  • Industry Tech / Robotics / Built Environment investors, and startups from pre-seed to series B.

Here are some of the investors who joined the 2023 edition:

ADB Ventures, AENU, Aera VC, Aramco Ventures, BASF Venture Capital, BMW i Ventures, Bosch Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Danone Ventures, DCVC, EDP Ventures, Energy Impact Partners, H&M Group ventures, Hanwha FutureProof, HAX, Honda Xcelerator Ventures, In-Q-Tel, IndieBio, Mubadala Capital, Murata, Next Sequence, SOSV, STANLEY Ventures.

How does it work?

  1. Register – From June 27
  2. Request Meetings – From July 15.
  3. Meet – From July 22 to 26 you can conduct meetings on our event platform, or outside.

The event is completely free to attend. We expect relevance and good behavior (see the application form for details).



Note: Startups have a limit of 20 pending meeting requests they can send to investors. They can cancel requests to get them back.


Q: Why is SOSV doing this?

  • More connections lead to more investments and help grow this ecosystem.
  • SOSV has backed more than 100 Climate Tech startups  many of which cover industrial technologies, who seek further funding. We are also always looking for new companies to support.. We are also always looking for new companies to support.

Q: What is the duration of meetings?

  • 20 minutes + option to extend. Meetings start on the hour or half-past. There is a 10 minute buffer between slots.

Q: Can I connect outside the Grip platform?

  • Yes. You can use Calendly or equivalent to set up outside meetings using Zoom, Teams, Meet, etc.
  • All participants share their LinkedIn URL so you can connect there too.

Q: What can I expect as a founder?

  • A detailed list of investors in industry tech, including their favorite categories, stages and geographies.
  • While it is not easy, you can expect some – or lots of – meetings. The most successful participants confirm dozens of meetings in a single week, unfortunately some get none. We share best practices to help you maximize this opportunity. In short: start early and target well.

Q: What can I expect as an investor?

  • An exceptionally detailed list of startups, easy to filter, and with (in most cases) pitch decks.
  • An overflow of meeting requests. Unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast: 100+ founders are hoping to find funding!
  • The most successful participants invest time to identify the right targets and reach out to founders proactively.
  • SOSV has invested in startups we found during matchups!

Q: Can I partner with SOSV or sponsor this event?

Q: I am always interested in attending such events. Where do I register?

  • Submit your information here to pre-register for future events.