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SOSV’s expansion adds three new general partners
Ned Desmond
Ned Desmond

Mohan Iyer and Stephen Chambers, both with SOSV’s IndieBio, and Oscar Ramos, who works on SOSV’s Orbit Startups, have been appointed as new general partners at SOSV. Iyer is based in San Francisco, Chambers in New York City, and Ramos in Shanghai.  

In March this year, SOSV announced that Pae Wu, CTO at IndieBio, in San Francisco, had also been promoted to general partner. 

The appointment of four new general partners this year reflects the great contributions the new general partners have made to the founders in our portfolio and prepares SOSV for continued, rapid growth in assets under management (AUM). Last year, SOSV’s AUM grew 40% to reach $1.2 billion. There are now 12 general partners at SOSV globally. 

In 2021, SOSV joined nearly 200 follow-on investment rounds in portfolio companies as well as investing in 100 pre-seed rounds through SOSV’s startup development programs IndieBio, HAX, Orbit Startups, and dlab. Last year, SOSV launched a $100 million Select Fund to help keep pace with the rapid growth of the portfolio.

“Over the past three years,” says Managing General Partner Sean O’Sullivan, “We’ve seen powerful growth across the portfolio as we’ve centered the firm on the themes of human and planetary health as well as emerging markets. The four new GPs we’ve appointed this year will play a major role as we maintain our pre-seed leadership in deep tech and as we deploy more capital in later rounds for our companies. This is a lot to manage, considering the very close ties we maintain with founders, and we’re very fortunate to have such a talented group of dedicated new general partners to help our startups grow.”

About Mohan Iyer

Mohan S. Iyer photo
Mohan S. Iyer

Prior to joining IndieBio in 2021, Mohan was the COO of Pendulum Therapeutics working on probiotics for metabolic health to help people with type 2 diabetes to manage A1C, naturally. He was also Chief Business Officer at Second Genome, the first venture-backed microbiome genomics company, and CFO of Tethys Bioscience, which developed the first commercial test to predict those at highest risk of converting to type 2 diabetes.

Mohan holds an MBA from Yale, and degrees in Biomedical Engineering from Duke (M.S.) and Chemical Engineering from the University of Tennessee (B.S.).

A brief interview with Mohan.

About Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers photo
Stephen Chambers

Stephen has been active in synthetic biology for 3 decades and founded multiple organizations. Immediately prior to joining IndieBio in 2020, Stephen was Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence at Imperial College London where he helping commercialise world-leading research and address skills gaps in the emerging synthetic biology ecosystem.

Before that, he was co-founder of several organizations including London’s BioStart accelerator, SynbiCITE (an innovation and knowledge centre for synthetic biology), Abpro (producing novel antibodies & proteins for biomedical research) and had a 17-years tenure as founding scientist and Director of Gene Expression at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, one of the first biotech firms to use an explicit strategy of rational drug design rather than combinatorial chemistry.

Stephen holds degrees in Molecular Biology from the University of Warwick (PhD), Biotechnology from the University of Birmingham (MS) and Biochemistry from Bangor University (BS). A brief interview with Stephen.

About Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos photo
Oscar Ramos

Oscar is an engineer and innovator with experience ranging from product design to corporate strategy. Ramos built his own micro-fund to invest in early-stage Chinese startups prior to joining SOSV Chinaccelerator as a mentor in 2010. He has lived in China for 14 years and worked with 160 SOSV startups.

A native of Spain, he holds a Masters in Telecommunications Engineering from UPM in Madrid. Oscar began his career in R&D with Ericsson and Telefonica in deep-tech applications such as mobile network protocols, cybersecurity, and bio-technology.

A brief interview with Oscar.

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