Smart Shepherd

SmartShepherd’s mission is to enable farmers to breed better livestock. The solution includes a wearable device that uses low cost Bluetooth technology to map relationships between free range livestock (primarily the mother-child relationship). The information gathered is used to implement breeding programs that concentrate on improving maternal genetic performance. The devices are attached to animals using a strong nylon collar and left on for 48 hours, which management and data gathering implemented through an Android based application that assigns animals to collars and collects the data at the end of the measurement period. The collars are designed to be used without any direct networking or access to GPS so that emerging markets can be addressed. The system has been used on 38,000 animals in Australia so far (during 2018). We are using a rental model via a 3rd party to distribute the system to farmers in Australia, making it very affordable and building a brand new type of service provision for the sheep industry. During 2019 we intend to expand overseas (South America, South Africa) although this expansion could be rapidly accelerated with an investment so we could move into North America and Europe (chiefly Spain for sheep and Canada \ United States for cattle). One of the original co-founders has left but the company has consolidated around a tested/proven revenue model which will see the company profitable during 2019/2020