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Breakthrough rapid treatment for major depressive disorder and imminent risk of suicide

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NeuroQore is comprised of a team of passionate and motivated scientists, engineers, and clinicians dedicated to developing pioneering neuromodulation treatments for various neurobehavioral conditions. We collaborate with world-class universities and research clinics, in order to investigate ways to transform lives. At NeuroQore, we strive to create a world with effective solutions to devastating disorders: major depressive disorder and suicidality.
Major depressive disorder affects approximately 16 million people in the U.S. and 121 million people worldwide, with a global economic burden of $50 billion, annually. Even with the standard of treatment, which includes pharmaceuticals and concurrent cognitive behavioral therapy, 30%-40% will not respond to treatment, thereby classified as “treatment-resistant depression” (TRD). Despite the staggering prevalence of TRD and suicidality, there is limited knowledge of effective interventions within this population.
Currently, an individual’s option for TRD and acute suicidality are repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Ultimately, standard rTMS is inefficient and out-dated, and is not appropriate for acutely suicidal patients. ECT is the gold standard for these conditions, but while ECT can potentially be effective in treating TRD, and thereby suicidal ideation, its delayed onset of effect, which takes two to six weeks, limits its value in treating acutely suicidal patients. In addition, ECT is met with debilitating side effects and a strong element of social stigma for patients. A new treatment for TRD and acute suicidality is a critical priority. It is time that this gap in the health care system is addressed and new innovative approaches be investigated.

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Company People

Adrian Chan

Adrian Chan

Mehran Talebinejad

Mehran Talebinejad
CEO & Co-Founder

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