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Aeromutable is building an active airflow system to improve truck aerodynamics and decrease fuel consumption for heavy transport.

Locations: United States


Artyc is on a mission to decarbonize cold chain logistics with refrigerant-free, reusable, active cooling containers.

Locations: United States

Caldo Restaurant Technologies

Caldo uses compact robots to automate commercial kitchen tasks.

Locations: United States

Cargo Kite

Cargokite is building micro cargo ships powered completely by wind energy.

Locations: Germany

Chronos DX

ChronosDx is building a new bioassay platform technology for drug assays on in vitro cell models and non-invasive diagnostics on body fluids. Our platform enables highly sensitive, precision quantification of a wide range of biomarkers: proteins, metabolites, microRNAs, cell-free DNA and exosomes. We’re combining low-cost fabrication and scalable production with our unique insights, developed over […]

Locations: United Kingdom


Cortisol is the gold standard in detecting human health & well-being. Cortisol is a steroid hormone made by the kidneys that is commonly referred to as “the stress hormone.” Measurement of cortisol levels to determine stress is currently done via methods that are painful (blood samples), slow (requiring samples to be sent to the lab […]

Locations: United States

Gaia AI

Gaia AI is an MIT & Harvard startup using drones, LiDAR, and computer vision to collect high-quality biomass data in forests, helping land owners, project developers, and investors understand the carbon stock and timber content of their land. By measuring the carbon content of a forest with high accuracy, we give carbon credit buyers confidence […]

Locations: United States


Spraying and coating is a 220+ billion dollar market. From cars to crops, from boats to batteries – spraying is a critical operation in many multi-billion dollar industries globally. But today’s practices are far from perfect. Specifically current spray processes for automotive are highly inefficient. These processes are high in cost, making up 30% of […]

Locations: Canada

Metal Light

Despite their widespread use, diesel generators are noisy, emit unpleasant odors, and contribute significantly to environmental pollution. In fact, they release more than double the CO2 per kilowatt delivered compared to the average US grid emissions—a discrepancy poised to widen as the grid becomes increasingly cleaner. In response to these challenges, Metal Light has introduced […]

Locations: United States


PONS is disrupting the $100B clinical trial and biomarker industry by converting any mobile ultrasound into a powerful data source. Currently the healthcare system is limited by some major blind spots: 90% of clinical drug development fails, and we fail to collect high-quality, large-scale data on early-stage disease. PONS is solving this problem by converting […]

Locations: United States

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