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PitchBook ranks SOSV #1 most active VC investor in agtech; #5 most active in clean energy funding
Hannah DeTavis
Backing scores of agtech companies like Beeflow, SOSV ranked as the #1 most active VC investor in agtech in 2022. Source: Beeflow

SOSV is the most active VC investor in agtech in 2022, per PitchBook’s Q3 2022 Agtech Report. As of Sept. 30, 2022, SOSV had closed 20 deals, with 14 angel and seed deals, five early-stage, and one late-stage deal. Yield Lab ranked second and Agfunder ranked third—both with 11 deals each. 

Most active agtech VC investors in 2022
Source: PitchBook

Some of the companies in SOSV’s agtech portfolio include pollination specialist Beeflow (IBSF06), indoor smart farm developer Farmshelf, alt-protein company The EVERY Company (IBSF01), and eco-friendly shrimp farmers Vertical Oceans (IBSF11).

PitchBook also released its Q3 2022 Clean Energy Report, which revealed that SOSV was one of the top five VC investors in clean energy companies since 2017. This year, SOSV closed 18 deals—eight angel and seed rounds, seven early-stage deals, and three late-stage deals.

Top VC investors in clean energy companies since 2017
Source: PitchBook

SOSV’s climate tech portfolio has made major gains this year, with IndieBio’s NotCo (IBSF05) raising $70M to build more food brand alliances, vegan hair extension maker Nourie (IBSF09) launching its brand with a $2.5M seed round, and mushroom “leather” maker MycoWorks (IBSF03) catching the attention of high fashion and automotive clients.

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