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Apr 22, 2022

The 2022 SOSV Climate Tech 100

“SOSV has been deeply committed to climate tech for over a decade. We find and fund pre-seed startups that are inventing a better future. The human race isn’t called a race because we’re standing still — we’re in a hurry and we can do it; and because we can do it, we must do it.”

Recent news

Upside chicken
The Wall Street Journal Nov 17, 2022

In a major win for cultivated meat, FDA has “no questions” on IndieBio alum Upside Foods’ lab-grown chicken

According to The Wall Street Journal’s article, “Lab-Grown Poultry Clears First Hurdle at FDA”, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared Wednesday that it had “no questions” concerning Upside Food’s lab cultivated chicken. In a press release , Upside Foods CEO and co-founder Dr. Uma Valeti commented: “This is a watershed moment in the history […]

4WWL TV News Nov 30, 2022

IndieBio’s BioAesthetics’ nipple-areolar complex grafted to breast cancer survivor for the first time

Biomaterials company BioAesthetics (IndieBio 05) has been developing a nipple-areolar complex (NAC) graft for breast cancer survivors, and New Orleans 4WWL TV News tells the story of the first successful graft in, “Breast cancer survivor receives breakthrough nipple, areola reconstruction surgery”.  Breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies usually cannot keep their nipples and areolas […]

The Cornell Daily Sun Nov 08, 2022

IndieBio’s Halomine and Inso Biosciences win New York state funding for disease outbreak prevention

Two Cornell-based IndieBio startups Halomine (NY 01) and Inso Biosciences (NY 03) won support from the New York State Biodefense Commercialization Fund to develop solutions that will prevent future disease outbreaks like COVID-19, the Cornell Daily Sun reported in the article “NYS Funds Cornell Startups To Combat New Disease Outbreaks”. Halomine’s primary technology, HaloFilm, extends […]

Nourie founders Osahon Ojeaga and Dr. Mary Moore
WWD Nov 03, 2022

IndieBio’s vegan hair extension maker Nourie to launch brand with $2.5M seed round

IndieBio’s plant-based hair extension company Nourie (formerly Aja Labs) recently closed a $2.5M seed round led by SOSV, Impact America Fund, and Better Ventures, according to WWD’s article, “Meet Nourie, a Nutrient-filled, Plant-based Hair Extension Brand for Black Women”.  Nourie (SF09 2019), a brand founded by Black women for Black women, is on a mission […]

Yahoo Nov 01, 2022

IndieBio’s therapeutics company Intrinsic Medicine to list on NASDAQ next year

In a post entitled, “Intrinsic Medicine and Phoenix Biotech Acquisition Corp. Announce Merger Agreement to Create Public Company Leveraging Human Milk Biology to Treat Gut-Brain Axis Disorders”, IndieBio’s Intrinsic Medicine (SF09 2019), a therapeutics company using the science of human milk to treat inflammatory disorders, announced that it has entered into a definitive business combination […]

BusinessWire Nov 01, 2022

IndieBio’s OncoPrecision closes $3.3M seed to personalize cancer treatment with “micro avatars”

IndieBio’s OncoPrecision (IndieBio SF11 2021) recently announced the closing of a seed funding round at $3.3M in the BusinessWire press release, “OncoPrecision Raises $3.3M Seed Funding to Improve Cancer Patient Outcomes and Drug Development Efforts with “Patient Micro Avatars”. This most recent funding round bring OncoPrecision’s total funding to date to $4.2M. The seed round […]

Post Oct 04, 2022

Venture’s “Rule of Five” and SyntheX’s $550 million collaboration with Bristol Myers-Squibb

Today we celebrate the company SyntheX, which announced a $550 million research collaboration with Bristol Myers-Squibb to develop better cancer drugs with SyntheX’s drug discovery platforms.

TechCrunch Sep 16, 2022

IndieBio’s cultivated meat startup Prolific Machines emerges from stealth with $42M from investors

IndieBio’s cultured meat startup Prolific Machines has emerged from stealth mode, announcing  $42M in combined seed and series A funding. Prolific Machines started in SOSV’s IndieBio development program, and Arvind Gupta at Mayfield (previously co-founder of IndieBio) led the $3.1M seed round, followed by the series A led by Breakthrough Energy Ventures.  TechCrunch described how […]

HAX Aug 21, 2022

Grant Morgan of bio-safety startup R-Zero in Conversation with Duncan Turner, GP at SOSV’s HAX

This conversation between Grant Morgan (Co-Founder and CEO of R-Zero) and Duncan Turner (General Partner and Managing Director of SOSV’s HAX) took place at SOSV’s 2022 Annual General Meeting in New York City. The two discuss the founding of R-Zero and the once in a lifetime opportunity to disrupt the legacy disinfection industry. R-Zero is […]

Prellis Biologics
Business Wire Aug 15, 2022

Biotherapeutics company Prellis Bio appoints new CEO, raises $35M series C

Biotherapeutics company Prellis Biologics (IndieBio SF05 2017) has appointed Michael Nohaile, PhD as its new CEO, according to a Business Wire press release, “Prellis Biologics Appoints New CEO, Raises $35 Million in Series C Funding to Leverage Human Immune System Biology to De-Risk and Accelerate Therapeutics Drug Discovery and Development”.  The company also announced a […]

Post Jul 12, 2022

What the COVID-19 response revealed about deep tech startups in a time of crisis

When Covid hit, it wasn’t clear what the effect would be on our organization and portfolio.  Should we keep investing? Can we operate effectively? How will our startups respond? How can we help them? SOSV’s mission is to address the challenges of human and planetary health. And human health was calling. “In times of need, […]