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Image of singapore minister grace fu
Post Aug 08, 2022

Singapore’s Sustainability Minister Grace Fu to speak at SOSV Climate Tech Summit

laboratory for our climate future quite like Singapore, where startup innovation is central to the country’s climate strategy. That’s why we invited Grace Fu, Singapore’s Minister of Sustainability and the Environment, to speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free and virtual / register today). 

Iron-salt battery
Energy Storage News Aug 06, 2022

In pursuit of iron salt-based batteries, HAX’s VoltStorage secures $24M

In a recent series C funding round led by Cummins Inc., clean-energy storage provider VoltStorage (HAX 09) raised $24.3 million to develop a new iron salt-based battery, according to Energy Storage News in “VoltStorage raises €24 million to expand product offering beyond vanadium”.  The Germany-based company has previously received investments from SOSV, Korys, EIT InnoEnergy, […]

Post Aug 06, 2022

Climeworks’ Dr. Christoph Gebald to speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Swiss DAC startup  Climeworks co-founder and co-CEO,  Dr. Christoph Gebald, will tackle that question and many others  at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free & virtual / register now). Climeworks is a Zurich-based direct-air-capture startup that in September 2021 launched Orca, a production direct-air-capture facility in Iceland, and in April this  year became a unicorn following a $639 million round led by co-led by Partners Group and GIC and including John Doerr, Baillie Gifford, and Carbon Removal Partners, among others. 

The New York Times Aug 04, 2022

How IndieBio helped Geltor set its sights on bio-engineered collagen

The New York Times recently spotlighted Geltor, an alt-protein company in Indie Bio’s portfolio (IBSF02 2015), in the article, “Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?”. The New York Times charts Geltor’s foray into the production of bio-engineered collagen, produced without any animal ingredients, and the firm’s success in working with cosmetics […]

Post Jul 12, 2022

What the COVID-19 response revealed about deep tech startups in a time of crisis

When Covid hit, it wasn’t clear what the effect would be on our organization and portfolio.  Should we keep investing? Can we operate effectively? How will our startups respond? How can we help them? SOSV’s mission is to address the challenges of human and planetary health. And human health was calling. “In times of need, […]

A close up of a beagle face
Fortune Jul 10, 2022

IndieBio’s Canaery locks in $4M for neurotech that knows what a dogs nose knows

In “What does a dog’s nose know? A.I. may soon tell us”, Fortune spotlights Canaery (IndieBio SF11), a startup replicating the olfactory abilities of dogs with neurotechnology. In a seed funding round led by Breakout Ventures, Canaery recently raised $4M, according to Fortune. Dolby Family Ventures, KdT Ventures, and SOSV participated in the round.  Canaery […]

Mohan S. Iyer photo
Post Jul 05, 2022

Meet Mohan Iyer, the new general partner at SOSV’s IndieBio SF

Mohan S. Iyer is the newest general partner at SOSV, focused on the IndieBio SF program with fellow SOSV general partners Po Bronson and Pae Wu.

Stephen Chambers photo
Post Jul 05, 2022

Meet Stephen Chambers, the newly promoted general partner at SOSV’s IndieBio NY

Two years after starting the IndieBio NY program as its Managing Director, Dr. Stephen Chambers, PhD, SOSV named him a general partner.

RхAll co-founders Adebayo Alonge and Amy Kao
Founder Stories Jun 14, 2022

RxAll’s Life-Saving Deep Tech for African Pharmacies

Adebayo (“Ade”) Alonge and Amy Kao, co-founders of RxAll had invented a handheld scanner for detecting counterfeit prescription drugs—an illicit, multibillion-dollar industry that kills an estimated 1 million people annually around the world and 100,000 in Africa.

Chiu Chau, OpenTrons co-founder
Founder Stories Jun 14, 2022

Chiu Chau Reboots a Robot into a Billion Dollar Business

It was 2015, and Chiu Chau was on the ropes. He had pitched nearly 150 venture capital firms. No one would invest. Everyone doubted the startup with the open-source laboratory robot.

Prellis founder Melanie Matheu, PhD.
Founder Stories Jun 14, 2022

How a pandemic pivoted Prellis from laser-printed organs to in vitro immune systems

In December 2021 Prellis raised a $14.5 million Series B and has signed partnerships with pharmaceutical behemoths including Bristol Myers Squibb and Sanofi.

Phable co-founders
Founder Stories Jun 10, 2022

Friends Turned Founders Fight India’s Health Gap

The question for Sumit Sinha and Mukesh Bansal in February 2019 was which would come first: The funding for their seed round or the sale of their Hyundai hatchbacks.

Cradlewise Founders
Founder Stories Jun 10, 2022

Sleeping Beauty

In a timeless dilemma for new parents, Radhika and her husband Bharath discovered early that their baby daughter was a fussy sleeper. The situation left them tired and frustrated; being effective at work became a challenge.

Susan Schofer (left), PhD, Chief Science Officer of HAX Newark facility, and Sabriya Stukes, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of IndieBio New York.
Post Jun 02, 2022

Meet the new chief science officers at HAX in Newark and IndieBio in NYC

At SOSV’s IndieBio and HAX, two new team members are helping deep tech founders address scientific challenges. Earlier this year, Susan Schofer, PhD, joined HAX as Partner and Chief Science Officer at its Newark, New Jersey facility, and Sabriya Stukes, PhD, joined IndieBio as Chief Scientific Officer in Manhattan.