Dec 21, 2022

SOSV’s IndieBio NY debuts new 25,000 sq. ft. office, lab and event space at 7 Penn Plaza in NYC

SOSV’s IndieBio NY has opened the doors to its new headquarters at 7 Penn Plaza—a 25,000-square-foot open office engineered to foster innovation and community in the New York deep tech ecosystem. The new facility will host startups in the IndieBio NY startup development program, which each year accepts 20+ pre-seed startups focused on human and […]

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Fortune Aug 22, 2023

SOSV GP & HAX Managing Director Duncan Turner named one of Fortune’s top 13 seed stage climate tech VCs

SOSV GP & HAX Managing Director Duncan Turner was named one of Fortune’s top 13 seed stage climate tech VCs to watch. Fortune noted how Turner “uses his design engineering background to help climate tech founders get their product to market—a core skill that can be especially challenging for founders when the market constitutes a […]

Bloomberg Jul 06, 2023

SOSV Founder Sean O’Sullivan tells Bloomberg what’s next in climate tech

SOSV Founder & Managing General Partner Sean O’Sullivan recently sat down with Bloomberg to discuss his storied career in climate tech and share his vision for the future of the all-important category. O’Sullivan has “quietly been one of the leading investors in the technology that could redefine what we eat, what we wear, how we […]

Post Sep 22, 2023

UPSIDE Foods announces first commercial-scale plant; debuts “Road to Rubicon” series

UPSIDE Foods has had no shortage of incredible milestones lately: following landmark regulatory approvals by the FDA & USDA, the company recently partnered with San Francisco’s Bar Crenn to make its cultivated chicken commercially available (snag a coveted reservation to try it if you can!), and last week announced its first commercial-scale plant, dubbed Rubicon, […]

TechCrunch Sep 21, 2023

Watch the 3 SOSV founder pitches that landed in the Top 20 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2023

Congratulations to the three SOSV portfolio companies that made the Top 20 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2023! Take a look at the amazing innovations in human & planetary health they’re currently working on: 🌾 Brendan Collins and the team at Avalo (IndieBio) are betting the company’s AI can speed up the creation of climate-resistant crops—a crucial technology amid increasingly extreme weather […]

Post Jul 20, 2023

Ten63 Founder on Using Generative AI To “Drug the Undruggable”

At SOSV’s annual general meeting last month, Po Bronson sat down with CEO Marcel Frenkel, PhD, of Ten63 Therapeutics (IndieBio 2019) to discuss the company’s latest milestones and work with AI. Frenkel shared how Ten63’s BEYOND platform “combines physics and AI in hyper-efficient search algorithms” to push the boundaries of computational drug discovery. In short, […]

Post Jul 20, 2023

Check out IndieBio’s two latest cohorts: SF14 & NY6

In a challenging funding climate with total deal flow and valuation down, IndieBio has continued to invest aggressively in deep tech that is paving the way for a healthier future—both for humanity and the planet. As a result of this strategy, we’re excited to announce that both of SOSV’s IndieBio programs debuted their latest cohorts. […]

Post Jul 02, 2023

How SOSV’s deep tech, multi-stage approach sets us apart: A response to PitchBook’s accelerator report

Pitchbook’s analyst team recently published a report entitled “Quantifying the success of YC and the largest accelerators.” SOSV was one of the five firms mentioned in the analysis, along with Y Combinator, TechStars, Global 500, and MassChallenge. The report looks at performance indices such as aggregate valuations, capital raised, and unicorns produced, among others.  We […]

Post Jun 29, 2023

Climate and health portfolio updates headline SOSV’s Annual General Meeting in NYC

“There is a day coming where everyone on the planet will be touched by SOSV companies, every day,” SOSV Managing General Partner Sean O’Sullivan said in his opening remarks at the top of SOSV’s 2023 Annual General Meeting in New York City on June 1. “It’ll be in the clothes they wear, the food they […]

Endpoints May 12, 2023

Ten63 raises $15.9M to drug the “undruggable” with generative AI

Ten63 Therapeutics raised $15.9 million in Series A funding to advance and expand its internal pipeline of first-in-class small molecules inhibiting high-impact, but thus far undruggable, cancer targets. Despite advances in drug discovery, 80% of the proteins in the human body remain evasive, and some of these so-called “undruggable” proteins are believed to be major […]

MassDevice Apr 10, 2023

Reach Neuro wins FDA Breakthrough approval for device that restores hand & arm movement post-stroke

In the US, an estimated 800,000 people per year have a stroke, and nearly half will experience some form of long-term paralysis as a result of permanent damage to the brain’s ability to send signals to muscles. Reach Neuro (IBSF 13) directly restores a patient’s ability to control movement post-stroke, not only giving immediate relief, […]

Post Apr 03, 2023

The 2023 SOSV Human Health 100

At SOSV, one of our core missions is the advancement of human health, and over the past decade or more we’ve pursued that mission in fields as varied as cancer therapeutics, CRISPR diagnostic platforms, assistive robotics, and remote healthcare, to name a few. More than 200 companies in our 1000+ company portfolio focus on health, and recently we sat down to rank our top 100, based on current as well as expected performance. The result is our first annual SOSV Human Health 100, which is presented below.

Post Mar 13, 2023

Founders, VCs: Join SOSV’s Human Health Matchup April 3-7

SOSV is sponsoring a matchup for investors and founders in the human health category.