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Nov 10, 2023

Introducing IndieBio SF’s new office at 3rd St. in San Francisco’s Dogpatch

As you ride the elevator to the third floor of the American Industrial Center (AIC) at 3rd Street in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, the smell of sweetly spiced bread permeates the otherwise industrial air. Once filled with warehousing and manufacturing companies, the sprawling AIC—often referred to as a skyscraper on its side—is now home to […]

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Bloomberg May 24, 2024

Voyage Foods nabs $52M in fresh funding for cocoa-free chocolate

Chocolate is having a moment—or at least, the cocoa-free version is. With skyrocketing prices for cocoa amid extreme weather disruptions and increased scrutiny on sustainable (and ethical) harvesting practices, consumer and corporate demand is rising for tasty, cost-effective alternatives. IndieBio alum Voyage Foods has been delivering. Beyond its cocoa-free (and dairy-free) chocolate, the company also […]

Post Apr 21, 2024

Announcing the 2024 SOSV Climate Tech 100

In this fourth edition of our list, published yearly to mark Earth Day, we highlight the companies in our portfolio that demonstrated the most momentum and greatest potential impact on decarbonization.

TechCrunch Apr 16, 2024

SOSV Closes $306M Deep Tech Fund for Human and Planetary Health

SOSV announced the close of its $306 million SOSV V fund, the firm’s largest fund to date. The news received coverage in TechCrunch, Bloomberg and Axios. The text below is from the press release SOSV issued on April 16th concerning the new fund. SOSV V will focus on deep tech startups in human and planetary health, […]

Post Apr 08, 2024

Voyage Foods partners with Cargill to scale sustainable chocolate alternatives

As cocoa prices skyrocket and demand for eco-friendly food options intensifies, IndieBio alum Voyage Foods has partnered with global food giant Cargill to scale its sustainable alternatives to cocoa-based products, as well as nut spreads without peanuts & hazelnuts. Cargill will be the exclusive B2B global distributor for Voyage Foods, expanding its traditional chocolate portfolio […]

Post Apr 02, 2024

Announcing SOSV’s VC-Founder Climate Tech Matchup April 22-May 3

Announcing the 2024 Climate Tech VC-Founder Matchup, with meetings taking place online between April 22nd (Monday – Earth Day!) and May 3rd (Friday). This virtual event will bring together 1,000 startups and 1,000 investors for 1:1 meetings online over two weeks, scheduled at mutually convenient times, making it one of the largest such events worldwide […]

Bloomberg Apr 01, 2024

HAX’s Neptune Robotics is creating an army of underwater robots to decarbonize maritime industry

Neptune Robotics, an alum of SOSV’s hard tech program HAX, is creating an army of underwater robots to clean ship hulls—helping save fuel costs and reducing CO2 emissions. Per Bloomberg, maritime shipping emits roughly 1 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year—more than Germany, France and Ireland combined. The UN shipping regulation body, the International […]

Post Mar 27, 2024

Announcing HAX’s May 1st Demo Day

Investors! Join HAX in Newark on May 1st for Demo Day featuring 20+ startups across climate, industry, and health.

Deep Tech Meetup Boston
Mar 14, 2024

Catch HAX’s Duncan Turner and Susan Schofer in Boston April 24 & 25

As the buildout of HAX’s new 35,000 square foot facility in Newark, NJ nears its official opening this spring,the HAX team is hitting the road to get the word out and meet prospective founders for the HAX startup development program. Boston is top of the list, on April 24 & 25, for two events: a […]

Green Queen Feb 12, 2024

California Cultured Partners with Japanese Chocolate Giant Meiji for Cell-Based Chocolate Products

California Cultured has entered a 10-year commercial partnership with Japanese chocolate giant Meiji, incorporating the company’s “Flavanol Cocoa Powder” into several packaged goods distributed by Meiji. Dark chocolate is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions; it is second only to beef when it comes to the top GHG-emitting foods. And that’s on top of […]

Founder Stories Feb 09, 2024

NotCo’s plant-based foods are on store shelves, but its AI engine “Giuseppe” is the real business

While it might look like a plant-based food company, NotCo is in the data and AI business—and aims to disrupt R&D in many industries that use animal and plant ingredients.