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Image of singapore minister grace fu
Post Aug 08, 2022

Singapore’s Sustainability Minister Grace Fu to speak at SOSV Climate Tech Summit

laboratory for our climate future quite like Singapore, where startup innovation is central to the country’s climate strategy. That’s why we invited Grace Fu, Singapore’s Minister of Sustainability and the Environment, to speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free and virtual / register today). 

Iron-salt battery
Energy Storage News Aug 06, 2022

In pursuit of iron salt-based batteries, HAX’s VoltStorage secures $24M

In a recent series C funding round led by Cummins Inc., clean-energy storage provider VoltStorage (HAX 09) raised $24.3 million to develop a new iron salt-based battery, according to Energy Storage News in “VoltStorage raises €24 million to expand product offering beyond vanadium”.  The Germany-based company has previously received investments from SOSV, Korys, EIT InnoEnergy, […]

The New York Times Aug 04, 2022

How IndieBio helped Geltor set its sights on bio-engineered collagen

The New York Times recently spotlighted Geltor, an alt-protein company in Indie Bio’s portfolio (IBSF02 2015), in the article, “Is Bio-Designed Collagen the Next Step in Animal Protein Replacement?”. The New York Times charts Geltor’s foray into the production of bio-engineered collagen, produced without any animal ingredients, and the firm’s success in working with cosmetics […]

Post Aug 06, 2022

Climeworks’ Dr. Christoph Gebald to speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Swiss DAC startup  Climeworks co-founder and co-CEO,  Dr. Christoph Gebald, will tackle that question and many others  at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit (Oct. 25-26 / free & virtual / register now). Climeworks is a Zurich-based direct-air-capture startup that in September 2021 launched Orca, a production direct-air-capture facility in Iceland, and in April this  year became a unicorn following a $639 million round led by co-led by Partners Group and GIC and including John Doerr, Baillie Gifford, and Carbon Removal Partners, among others. 

Axios Jul 29, 2022

IndieBio’s bio-dye maker Huue closes a $14.6M series A

In “Bio-dye maker Huue raises $14.6M, with HSBC backing”, Axios reports that Huue (IndieBio SF08 2019), a San Francisco startup developing bio-based dye, raised $14.6 million in a series A funding round led by Material Impact. Material Impact partner Corinna Chen will take a Huue board seat as part of the all-equity deal.  Participating in […]

NotCo image
Bloomberg Jul 29, 2022

Amid vegan ingredient shortage, IndieBio’s NotCo taps AI for plant-based alternatives

Plant-based food producer NotCo (IndieBio SF05 2017) has a secret weapon against critical supply chain disruptions, according to Bloomberg’s recent article, “The AI Platform Behind a Bezos-Backed Startup’s Vegan Burgers”. The Chilean-based company is tapping into an artificial intelligence platform named Giuseppe to find an alternative to sunflower oil—a crucial ingredient in one-third of all […]

Top 10 climate tech VC investors
Axios Jul 28, 2022

SOSV ranks #1 for 1H 2022 among climate tech VCs

Pitchbook reported that specialist firms dominated the top 10 most active investors in climate tech. Data: Pitchbook; Chart: Skye Witley/Axios In the past quarter, generalist VC firms and specialist climate firms have gone head to head in funding efforts, pushing up deal costs, according to Axios’ recent article, “Generalist VCs downshift Q2 Deployment”. But at least […]

Gas pump
Ship & Bunker Jul 26, 2022

HAX’s XFuel closes €8.2 million investment round for high-grade biomass fuels

XFuel, a company on a mission to convert biomass waste into drop-in low-carbon fuels, recently closed an €8.2 million investment round, according to Ship & Bunker’s article, “Biofuel Producer XFuel Raises €8.2 Million Investment Round”.   AENU, a German VC firm, took the lead on the investment round with additional support from SOSV’s HAX and Union […]

Neal Stephenson
Post Jul 13, 2022

Sci-Fi great Neal Stephenson, author of “Termination Shock,” to speak at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit

We are delighted to announce that Neal Stephenson will be speaking at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit. Register today! It’s virtual and free. Neal Stephenson is a world-renowned speculative fiction author who won Hugo, Locus, Arthur C. Clarke, and Prometheus awards for science fiction, historical fiction, maximalism, cyberpunk, and post-cyberpunk (he coined the term ‘metaverse‘ […]

Post Jul 12, 2022

Four more speakers announced for the SOSV Climate Tech Summit 2022: USV, Khosla Ventures, Quaise, and Finless Foods

The SOSV team is happy to announce four more speakers participating at the virtual SOSV Climate Tech Summit on October 25–26, 2022. The event is free and virtual. Everyone will be there and you should be too. Register now. The following panel speakers will offer their insights on several topics. Climate tech investment:  Mona Alsubaei: […]

TechCrunch Jul 07, 2022

Orbit’s Octopus secures $5M to turn waste into a recycling (and data collecting) opportunity

TechCrunch’s recent article “Octopus keeps stuff out of Indonesia’s crowded landfills” reports that Octopus (MOX 12) has secured an oversubscribed funding round of $5M led by SOSV and Openspace Ventures.  Octopus has created a circular economy platform In Indonesia geared to “Uber-ize” trash pickers, recycle waste products into reusable raw materials, generate profit for recyclers, […]