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Nov 10, 2023

Introducing IndieBio SF’s new office at 3rd St. in San Francisco’s Dogpatch

As you ride the elevator to the third floor of the American Industrial Center (AIC) at 3rd Street in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood, the smell of sweetly spiced bread permeates the otherwise industrial air. Once filled with warehousing and manufacturing companies, the sprawling AIC—often referred to as a skyscraper on its side—is now home to […]

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TechCrunch Oct 26, 2023

Animal-free leather maker and IndieBio SF alum Gozen raises $3.3M

IndieBio alum Gozen raised $3.3 million in seed funding round led by Happiness Capital, with participation from Accelr8, Astor Management, SOSV. The startup is working on a Turkey-based production facility with capacity of up to 1 million square feet. At Paris Fashion Week earlier this year, Gozen partnered with Balenciaga to unveil LUNAFORM™, a lower-impact […]

Post Oct 25, 2023

Ten Takeaways from the 2023 SOSV Climate Tech Summit

If you missed some of the 12 hours of interviews and panels (video | podcast replays), or the 10 hours of live AMAs with investors (video replays), here is a quick take on the highlights of our third annual SOSV Climate Tech Summit.  But first, we’d like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the 100 […]

Post Sep 27, 2023

On Demand: All the SOSV Climate Tech Summit 2023 main stage sessions

We just wrapped the SOSV Climate Tech Summit! We recognize that not everyone could stay in place for 12 hours of panels and firesides over two days, so we worked over time to make each of the main stage sessions available on YouTube. Coordinates below! Here’s the complete playlist for Day One (Sept. 26) and […]

Post Sep 22, 2023

UPSIDE Foods announces first commercial-scale plant; debuts “Road to Rubicon” series

UPSIDE Foods has had no shortage of incredible milestones lately: following landmark regulatory approvals by the FDA & USDA, the company recently partnered with San Francisco’s Bar Crenn to make its cultivated chicken commercially available (snag a coveted reservation to try it if you can!), and last week announced its first commercial-scale plant, dubbed Rubicon, […]

TechCrunch Sep 21, 2023

Watch the 3 SOSV founder pitches that landed in the Top 20 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2023

Congratulations to the three SOSV portfolio companies that made the Top 20 at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield 2023! Take a look at the amazing innovations in human & planetary health they’re currently working on: 🌾 Brendan Collins and the team at Avalo (IndieBio) are betting the company’s AI can speed up the creation of climate-resistant crops—a crucial technology amid increasingly extreme weather […]

Post Sep 21, 2023

Corporate VCs: What Venture Funds at ADM, Solvay, and Toyota Look for in Climate Tech Startups

Multinational businesses know that sooner or later, policymakers and consumer pressure will force them to ditch fossil fuels, address historical emissions, and implement cleaner technologies.

Axios Sep 20, 2023

HAX’s Green Li-ion nets $4.1M from Petronas to build in Oklahoma

Green Li-ion (HAX) secured funding from Twin Towers Ventures, the VC arm of Malaysian oil company Petronas, to help build out its Oklahoma factory. Per Axios, which exclusively covered the news, Green Li-ion “plans to raise a Series B round of $50 to $80M in the first quarter of next year. The funding rounds will […]

Post Sep 05, 2023

Climate Summit: Still Exuberant? A Chat With Top Climate VCs at Prelude, Breakthrough Energy, and DCVC

A CTVC report indicates that climate tech funding is resilient but feeling 2023’s shaky macro conditions.

Post Sep 05, 2023

Climate Summit: How Gaia, Kayrros, and Pano Monitor Forests, Emissions, and Wildfires

For the most part, public institutions collect the data used to understand and model climate change. Recently, though, climate tech startups have begun to fill in the data gaps.

Post Sep 05, 2023

Electrifying Everything: Princeton ZERO Lab’s Jesse Jenkins on our progress a year into the IRA

When Princeton’s Jesse Jenkins releases a new report on net-zero pathways and policy, the climate tech world pays careful attention.