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Apr 22, 2022

The 2022 SOSV Climate Tech 100

“SOSV has been deeply committed to climate tech for over a decade. We find and fund pre-seed startups that are inventing a better future. The human race isn’t called a race because we’re standing still — we’re in a hurry and we can do it; and because we can do it, we must do it.”

Recent news

Upside chicken
The Wall Street Journal Nov 17, 2022

In a major win for cultivated meat, FDA has “no questions” on IndieBio alum Upside Foods’ lab-grown chicken

According to The Wall Street Journal’s article, “Lab-Grown Poultry Clears First Hurdle at FDA”, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration declared Wednesday that it had “no questions” concerning Upside Food’s lab cultivated chicken. In a press release , Upside Foods CEO and co-founder Dr. Uma Valeti commented: “This is a watershed moment in the history […]

Fortune Nov 29, 2022

IndieBio’s mushroom “leather” maker MycoWorks has caught the attention of high fashion and automotive clients

Fortune recently went deep on IndieBio’s mushroom “leather” maker MycoWorks, in the article “Mushroom ‘leather’ realistic enough for $4,200 Hermès handbags has raised over $187 million from investors like Natalie Portman, John Legend, and GM”.  MycoWorks (IndieBio 03) engineers mycelium mushrooms to develop durable, non-animal materials that compare to the look, feel, and even smell […]

The image says 2022 Summit recap
Post Nov 21, 2022

The word on the 2022 SOSV Climate Tech Summit and Matchup

The second annual SOSV Climate Tech Summit took place in a world far different from the first. Conflict in Ukraine, surging inflation, supply chain disruptions, and the rise in extreme weather events dimmed last year’s exuberance. At the same time, across the summit’s 20 hours of programming on Oct. 25 and 26 there was no […]

Post Nov 17, 2022

SOSV attends COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh and finds the private sector is moving to center stage

As the leading early stage investor in climate tech, SOSV decided to send a senior team to observe COP 27 with an eye to understanding better how high level deliberations at COP will shape the market for climate tech in the years ahead.

Upside Foods’ chicken breast
NPR Nov 17, 2022

NPR takes the inside tour of IndieBio’s Upside Foods facility, which is a big step closer to production

NPR recently got an inside look at cultivated meat company Upside Foods’ production facility, as reported in the article, “From science fiction to reality, ‘no kill’ meat may be coming soon”.  Upside Foods (IndieBio 02) extracts cells from animals and brews them in tanks, feeding them the nutrients they need to grow, including amino acids, […]

Sifted Nov 03, 2022

HAX’s Smartex raises $27M to catch defects and reduce waste in textile manufacturing

HAX’s Portugal-based startup Smartex recently raised a $24.7M series A to reduce defects in textile manufacturing and reduce waste, according to the Sifted article, “Portuguese Smartex raises $24.7m Series A to modernise clothes factories”. Led by Lightspeed Ventures and Tony Fadell’s Build Collective, the funding round builds on a $2.9M seed round co-led by Spider […]

Nourie founders Osahon Ojeaga and Dr. Mary Moore
WWD Nov 03, 2022

IndieBio’s vegan hair extension maker Nourie to launch brand with $2.5M seed round

IndieBio’s plant-based hair extension company Nourie (formerly Aja Labs) recently closed a $2.5M seed round led by SOSV, Impact America Fund, and Better Ventures, according to WWD’s article, “Meet Nourie, a Nutrient-filled, Plant-based Hair Extension Brand for Black Women”.  Nourie (SF09 2019), a brand founded by Black women for Black women, is on a mission […]

Nat4bio CEO Joaquin Fisch pitches on the Disrupt stage on Oct. 19, 2022
TechCrunch Nov 02, 2022

Eleven SOSV startups made TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield 200; two reached the finals

More than 2,000 startups applied to compete in the storied TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Battlefield, the most prestigious startup competition in the world. The event just took place in San Francisco on Oct. 18–20, and SOSV’s portfolio was richly represented. TechCrunch chooses 200 startups to join Disrupt as exhibitors in the Startup Battlefield 200. Twenty of […]

Post Oct 26, 2022

Here are videos for all the sessions at the 2022 SOSV Climate Tech Summit

We just completed our two-day summit (Oct. 25-26), which included 22 panels and fireside chats with leading founders, VCs, researchers and policy experts. We had a great turnout, with more 6700 people registered this year, from 88 countries. We recognize that the event was not available during waking hours in much of the world so we wanted […]

Indoor Farming panel
Post Oct 20, 2022

When Farming Goes Indoors: Hear from leaders at Gotham Greens, iUNU and Vertical Oceans at the SOSV Climate Tech Summit

Our food and climate have a fraught relationship. Globally, agriculture generates 31% of CO2 equivalent emissions, accounts for 70% of freshwater withdrawals, and drives 90% of deforestation. At the same time, climate change impacts like drought, heat, and flooding increase the risk of crop failure and famines. If farming is a risk to the climate and at risk from the climate, could we solve both problems by bringing it indoors?