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IndieBio’s Aluna gets a $15M wave of support for AI-enabled asthma monitoring platform
Hannah DeTavis
Aluna pairs a portable spirometer with an AI-enabled mobile interface, allowing patients and their doctors to track asthma severity and help develop a personalized, real-time action plan. Source: Aluna

Aluna (IndieBio 03), the San Francisco-based respiratory management platform, has closed out a $15.3M series B funding round led by previous investor Matrix Partners with support from SOSV, Rho Ignition, and Dr. Warner Carr, an allergist and early adopter of Aluna’s platform. The round brings Aluna’s total funding to date to $27M. 

Aluna’s FDA-cleared spirometer allows customers to breathe into the device daily to measure their response to medications and triggers including environment, exercise, and location. Patients can then share this data with their healthcare team, who can access Aluna’s proprietary ML algorithms to better identify and correct respiratory problems. The patient-facing app allows users to visualize their lung function as a rocket taking off based on the strength of their breath into the spirometer. A children’s version of the app gamifies the process of recording respiratory health, including a customizable rocket, achievements, explorable moons, and characters. Under Remote Patient Monitoring, the platform is also eligible for insurance coverage.

Spinning out of UC Berkeley’s bioengineering program, Aluna was co-founded by Charvi Shetty and Inderjit Jutla, who both experience asthma. 

“As two of many asthma sufferers, my co-founder and I set out from day one to build a platform that would not only keep patients healthy, but also help providers provide the best possible care,” said Shetty in the series B announcement. “Our growth will enable asthma, COPD and other chronic respiratory patients and their providers to work more effectively together and prevent attacks before they happen. Down the road, we hope to leverage our lung health data to revolutionize respiratory care.”

So far, Shetty reports that Aluna has 4,000 active users across the U.S. With the series B funds, the company plans to further innovate their spirometer device, expanding to measure other respiratory conditions including cystic fibrosis and COPD. Get the full story in Axios!

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