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Welcome to the investor portal for IndieBio San Francisco Demo Day 15. Investors are invited to watch the videos (click the images), review the companies’ profiles and decks as well as request meetings. Questions? Contact the IndieBio team individually through LinkedIn or this contact form.

San Francisco Demo Day #15

Energy Transition (3)

  • Transition Biomining

    Transition custom formulates drop-in stimulants to enable higher efficiency copper heap leaching for all copper mines, using their proprietary understanding of the ore-microbiome.

    Sustainable Manufacturing
    HQ: United States
    Website: transition.bio
  • AquaLith

    Aqualith is bringing a high performance next-gen battery material to auto OEMs that, in a first, can immediately scale and integrate with cell manufacturing. This is all in service to enabling OEMS to produce mass market EVs for the North American and European markets and increase their EV margins at the same time.

    Sustainable ManufacturingTransportation Tech
    HQ: United States
    Website: aqualith.net
  • SpiralWave

    SpiralWave makes green renewable methanol for the maritime industry at $150/ton – matching fossil methanol costs. We accomplish this with a novel cold plasma system that reacts flue gas and water in a single step, skipping costly CO2 capture and equally costly electrolysis of hydrogen. Our systems are highly manufacturable, using just steel and chips.

    Sustainable Manufacturing
    HQ: United States
    Website: spiralwave.io

Tools/Platforms (1)

  • Stream Genomics

    Stream Genomics wants to do with sequencing what Netflix did to Blockbuster: creative destruction. They’re changing the paradigm of sequencing technologies by breaking all the old rules, no more wasteful reagents, no more amplification, no more cycles. Their proprietary method to detect single molecules will allow them to base-call with 1000x reduced computational burden compared to sequencing methods today, which trickles down to massively cheaper and faster sequencing.

    Industrial & Research Tools
    HQ: United States

Therapeutics (3)

  • RyboDyn

    Rybodyn has been working under the radar for 5 years to develop a proprietary new method for reading RNA sequencing data, which uncovered tens of thousands of never before seen peptides, called the “dark proteome.” These have been confirmed to be displayed on the cell surface of cancer-specific cells, and will be both partnering out these cancer immunotherapeutic assets as well as developing their own in-house campaigns.

    HQ: United States
    Website: rybodyn.com
  • Able Sciences

    Able is developing a novel combination cell therapy platform that can hit 4 or more of the top clinically validated targets in oncology or auto-immune disease. Their proprietary self-amplifying RNA technology enables high efficiency and durability of payload expression. Alongside enhanced efficacy, they leverage the inherent safety of NK cells to deliver a multi-valent cell therapy at much lower cost and vastly simplified logistics compared to CAR-T today.

    HQ: United States
    Website: ablesciences.com
  • Reactosome

    Reactosome is a pre-clinical therapeutics company using their synthetic nuclei to deliver AND continuously express very large payloads for gene therapy. The Reactosome platform allows them to control multiple parameters across the delivery process, from packaging to duration of expression.

    HQ: United States
    Website: reactosome.com

Agri-Food (4)

  • Hypercell Technologies

    Recalls are just the tip of the iceberg for food processors – every day, lower level contamination events can cause $3-5M in lost revenue at a single plant because of time lost waiting for high sensitivity, centralized tests. It’s not just recalls that lead to the billions in lost revenues every year. Hypercell’s product has been designed for food processors to test inside their operations, to flag contamination events, even low level ones, and prevent loss of profit and improve the safety of our industrial food system. Several major food processors have already signed over $25M in LOIs for the first test.

    HQ: United States
  • Nutrition from Water

    Nutrition from Water (NXW) has developed Marine Whey, a proprietary bio-mimetic protein that can replace or extend dairy proteins across every application. They are rapidly commercializing with a global coalition of leading nutrition and dairy companies to bring this new category to scale. Partners love it because it has the taste, performance, nutrition, and affordability of dairy along with sustainability and supply chain benefits. With a 31M ton projected shortfall of dairy proteins by 2030, and inferior replacements from soy, pea, and other plants, the time is right for Marine Whey to fill this void.

    Future Food
    HQ: New Zealand
  • Farm Minerals

    Using a novel emissions-free process, Farm Minerals has reinvented the efficiency of fertilizers to cover 1000x the land. The key to their process is a high-surface-area carbon encapsulation that makes the biominerals dramatically more bioavailable to plant and animal biology. This effectively reduces COGS by 1000x, allowing the company to slash fertilizer costs in half and still earn over 90% margin

    HQ: Spain
    Website: farmminerals.com
  • Cereswaves

    Cereswaves’ revolutionary Energy Pang device delivers the world’s first “electrofertilizer,” boosting crop and animal health and growth. Cereswaves is the first in the world to beam this wavelength out at a distance, reaching 50 meters in every direction. The device needs no supply of electricity; it runs on a tiny bit of solar power. The device never needs maintenance. It is entirely safe. It works equally in greenhouses or on fields.

    HQ: Korea
    Website: ceres-waves.com

Beauty (1)

  • BryoSphere Biotechnologies

    Bryosphere is pioneering the use of a moss biomanufacturing platform to scale novel skincare ingredients for beauty brands. Working off of moss’s 400 million years of evolution, they are using their platform to scale complex plant compounds which cannot be made in bulk by any other method. Their first product, Bryobright, is 3 times more effective at treating hyperpigmentation than the leading options on the market.

    Sustainable ManufacturingTherapeutics
    HQ: Canada
    Website: bryosphere.ca

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