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HAX’s XFuel closes €8.2 million investment round for high-grade biomass fuels
Gas pump
XFuel aims to decarbonize the transportation industry—marine, road, and aviation. Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

XFuel, a company on a mission to convert biomass waste into drop-in low-carbon fuels, recently closed an €8.2 million investment round, according to Ship & Bunker’s article, “Biofuel Producer XFuel Raises €8.2 Million Investment Round”.  

AENU, a German VC firm, took the lead on the investment round with additional support from SOSV’s HAX and Union Square Ventures, the article reports. 

XFuel (HAX 2022) uses a modular refinery design to produce second-generation biofuel for marine, diesel, and aviation.

“Using modular and scalable biorefineries, XFuel can produce high-grade fuels at a comparable or lower price point to fossil-based fuels on the market,” XFuel told Ship & Bunker in an emailed statement. “Independent assessments have shown that XFuel’s technology can currently deliver fuel with GHG savings of 85%, with potential to deliver carbon-neutral and negative fuels in the future.”

TechCrunch also covered the news.

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