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HAX’s Livin Farms snags $5.8M to make powdered insect protein
Hannah DeTavis
Livin' Farms
Livin Farms develops automated technology that upcycles waste into feed for insect protein. Source: Livin Farms

TechCrunch recently reported that HAX’s insect protein producer Livin Farms (HAX07) has raised a $5.8M series A led by Peter Luerssen in the article “Livin Farms’ investors are betting $5.8M on powdered fly larvae”. This funding stacks on top of the $3.8M seed funding the Vienna-based company previously raised. 

Livin Farms developed Hive Pro, a modular industrial-scale system that automates the process of rearing black soldier flies fed on food waste and turns them into an insect-based protein powder. 

“With our proprietary technology and biological know-how, our customers turn substantial losses on organic waste into highly attractive, additional income,” explained founder and CEO Katharina Unger. “At the same time, our customers contribute massively to fixing the broken food system and therefore saving the planet.”

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