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Steven Bai

Steven Bai is an award-winning, anti-disciplinary interaction designer and creative leader. Steven is well-known for designing interactive installations and large-scale art furniture in public places, and his works were featured in many international creative festivals and conferences, including Beijing Design Week, Vivid Sydney and SXSW. Steven’s practice investigates and reinforces the role of design-led innovation and technology in shaping our lives and experiences in built environments.

Steven and his team are building tools and interactive experiences to reimagine city interfaces to alleviate urbanization issues. And they believe that these connected city interfaces and infrastructures, will become the next paradigms of value creation – also to help make our cities more joyful and livable.

If you are interested in joining Sencity to create products that empower people to do good, rethink urban responsibility, imbuing mundane often-forgotten interactions with delightful moments, please email

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