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Marieh Mehran

In awe of exploration, Marieh moved to America from Iran to traverse through different perspectives of life. MAA’VA was founded with a mission to revive the hidden empathy in architecture and science to serve humanity and our mother earth. MAA’VA is the sweet spot of connecting her insatiable curiosity, multidisciplinary skills and passion for advancing humanity. She has completed her master’s degree in architecture at UCLA under supervision of Pritzker Prize–winning architect, Thom Mayn, specializing in sustainable development & design, advanced materials and robotics in architecture . Marieh has worked on a wide variety of projects including sustainable LA 2050, autonomous vehicle’s station and urban fabric design, Hyperloop station and urban fabric design, single-family homes, residential developments, commercial buildings and multi-unit mixed-use projects. Prior to this, she has completed her undergraduate studies in architecture in which was followed by a master’s degree in landscape architecture at the University of Tehran. She has passed all 6 divisions of Architectural Registration Exams to become a licensed architect in the United States.

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