Malachy Browne

Malachy Browne is Managing Editor and Europe Anchor of, the social media reporting arm of First Look Media launched in January 2015.

Malachy joined from news agency Storyful, where, as news editor, he led a global team of journalists reporting on international news stories emerging on social networks. Malachy takes an interest in international politics, conflict, social justice and human rights. He has covered the Arab Spring, conflicts in Ivory Coast, Syria and Ukraine, humanitarian crises from Somalia’s famine to Typhoon Haiyan, global civil rights movements, and the response to Europe’s economic crisis. He has written about eyewitness media and citizen networks for Al Jazeera, Open Democracy and the European Journalism Centre’s Verification Handbook.

Prior to Storyful, Malachy created and edited (2009), an Irish political website and magazine archive. He worked for the political magazine, Village from 2006 to 2008 and ran the magazine’s website, Formerly a computer programmer, Malachy enjoys creating technology that powers journalism and human rights work. He lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Twitter: @malachybrowne
Reddit: /u/malachybrowne
Facebook: /malachybrowne
Instagram: @malachybrowne
PGP fingerprint and public key: A2D3 9531 C36B 2DDD A876 BE9C E308 1EC0 2BA7 FEFB

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