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Diadem Biotherapeutics

Engineering the next class of biologics to treat chronic inflammatory diseases


Woytek Bartkowski

CTO & Co-Founder

Mickey Pentecost

CEO & Co-Founder

Company details

Diadem Biotherapeutics, Inc. is a platform therapeutics company developing a broad pipeline of first-in-class immunotherapies. Diadem is engineering exosomes to be inhalable cell-specific immune modulators. Exosomes are small, virus-sized particles released by cells to communicate throughout the body.

Leveraging expertise in genetic engineering and scalable bioprocessing, Diadem is developing cell secreted nanovesicles precisely engineered to deliver signals that mimic natural cell-to-cell signaling. Diadem’s unique approach enables precise modulation of targets that play a role in chronic inflammation, autoimmune diseases and immune control of cancers, addressing some critical unmet clinical needs. For more information, visit

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