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Avisa Myko

Bioproduction of melanin for UV and radiation protection


Sheshagiri Raghukumar

Chief Scientific Officer

Ravi Adgulwar

Co-Founder and CEO

Company details

The team at Avisa Myko has spent years reducing the cost of melanin production via fungal fermentation and can now produce it at 4,000 times lower cost than existing methods.

We have developed a fermentation based technology to produce Soluble Melanin . We can produce huge quantities at a very low cost, 4000 times lower cost. We are the world’s first commercial melanin company with the technology to produce a Melanin at scale and affordable cost .

Melanin is a Multifunctional Super Material with UV Blocking, Radiation blocking, electrical and semiconductor properties. A detailed presentation is attached.

The applications of Melanin and its properties were always known. But the main constraint for its commercial use was the availability of technology to produce it in sufficient quantities and at an affordable price. Our technology solves this problem.

First Beachhead Market

As our first use case of melanin, we have been successful to produce a prototype of sunscreen with SPF 30 using melanin as a UV blocker and without using any existing chemical or Mineral UV blockers in the formulation .

As you might be aware, chemicals and nano Minerals are damaging the Corral Reefs and the Marine life they sustain . Toxicity of these chemicals on the human body and the marine ecosystem is also a cause of concern inviting scrutiny from USFDA . Customers and the 12 billion dollar sunscreen Industry are looking for an environmentally friendly , reef safe , non toxic and effective UV blocking solution for sun screens . Melanin fits this gap perfectly. Our idea is to replace these UV blocking chemicals with Melanin as Melanin is biodegradable and non toxic.

Current Status

We have scaled up the process to 200 liters scale fermentor , producing 1 kilo Melanin per batch , sold Melanin worth $ 80,000 and completed the POC of sunscreen with Melanin having SPF 30 with skintone matching colour for different skin tones including caucasus white skin tone .

There are also various pilot projects going on for different applications like hair dye , fire retardant coating and Bio sensors

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