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Leveraging the latest advancements in biology, Starstone aims to lead the $1 trillion cement and concrete industry into a future where innovation and sustainability come together.

Our mission is to both revolutionize & decarbonize the production process of cement & concrete and we are doing so by using bacteria & fermenters instead of complex quarry operations and energy-intensive kilns.

We believe that our innovative solution drives the next generation of construction; better materials with scalable & cost efficient technology which is also good for the planet.

It’s a journey that brings us full circle — from the revelation of the first concrete structure a few million years ago in what’s now referred to as Israel to making this very place the cornerstone for the next generation of construction materials.

It’s’ time for us to start caring how we build our homes like we started caring how we manufacture our food.

Starstone was founded in 2023, by a team of entrepreneurs with proven experience in taking crazy projects and turning them into reality.

It’s time for us to rebuild the future.