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Cereswaves’ revolutionary Energy Pang device delivers the world’s first “electrofertilizer,” boosting crop and animal health and growth. Ultra low energy, it works by altering the water in plants and, in turn, transpiration of water through the plant.

The Energy Pang wavelength is so safe, it’s used in medical applications — even on premature infants. Cereswaves is the first in the world to beam this wavelength out at a distance, reaching 50 meters in every direction. The device needs no supply of electricity; it runs on a tiny bit of solar power. The device never needs maintenance. It is safe for farm workers.

Cereswaves has been testing its device with 30 highly-respected farmers in Korea over the last 3 years, repeatedly demonstrating higher yields and dramatically higher phytonutrient density across a wide variety of produce, fruits, and grains. The company has now commercialized with those trusted farmers. The device has also been tested and validated with two leading universities in Korea. It works equally in greenhouses or fields.

Cereswaves has also validated its benefits in henhouses on Ross 308 broilers, demonstrating over 15% improved growth and improved health.

Cereswaves is now partnering with global partners in agriculture and poultry.