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Metal additive manufacturing has traditionally been confined to prototyping, hindered by the mechanical properties and low reliability of printed parts, which rendered them unsuitable for direct replacement in high-demand sectors such as aerospace and automotive. However, 3DK Tech, emerging from research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, is breaking new ground with a metal additive manufacturing process that elevates printed metal alloy parts to the mechanical performance levels of their conventionally manufactured counterparts. This advancement, achieved through 3DK Tech’s innovative use of ultrasonic vibration techniques, significantly enhances the mechanical properties of printed parts. Such an improvement opens up opportunities for maintenance and repair operations across automotive, energy, and aerospace sectors to streamline their part inventories, leading to considerable time and cost savings. Furthermore, 3DK Tech’s process facilitates the swift production of parts that are either out of production or subject to long lead times because of the need for specialized tooling, offering additional financial and operational benefits to these industries. This development represents a significant leap forward in making metal additive manufacturing a viable option for high-performance applications.