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90% of trade is carried by sea, but the vast majority of cargo ships in use today run on the dirtiest fuel available. At the same time, the shipping industry is not capable of responding to an increasingly dynamic and decentralized economy. CargoKite addresses these problems with an innovative, patent-pending, autonomous micro cargo ship powered solely by wind energy. The main propulsion of this 21st century version of a sailing ship is an Airborne Wind Energy System, whose main component is a kite. Since it flies at an altitude of 100 to 300 meters, there is always enough wind to power the ship reliably. The newly designed hull makes it possible to harvest wind energy in the most efficient manner and directly transform it into forward motion of the ship. In effect, the solution not only eliminates emissions completely, but also accelerates cargo delivery and enables customized routing thanks to the individualized transport capacity of 16 containers.