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The six startups that form Batch 18 come from China, Singapore, Spain, India, and more. These startups have developed and promoted products successfully in their home markets and are proactively expanding overseas. Led by strong and adept individuals who have rich experience working in Fortune 500 companies, or, have started many businesses previously, these companies are utilizing AI, Blockchain, and cloud-based services to transform multiple industries and areas such as Fintech, software development, enterprise services, legal tech, video content, SaaS, etc.

Since 2010, Chinaccelerator has remained committed to putting capital into exceptional entrepreneurs and believes in nurturing global companies from the very beginning, actively exploring the most innovative and effective business models, and providing quality products and services for global users and clients. Regardless of what verticals the startups operate – consumer internet, mobile internet, or industrial internet – they share the element of expanding cross-border in their DNA.