HAX’s VC-Founder Industry Hard Tech Matchup is now accepting applications. Register today!

Join us to meet the 10 new companies in IndieBio NY Class 5 across the fields of food, biomaterials, femtech, industrial biotech, therapeutics and drug discovery.

The companies featured are Forte Protein, Edge, Atlantic Fish Co, Vader Nanotech, Bioeutectics, AIMA, Pneuma, BioFluff, Vitarka Therapeutics & FluoSphera. More details on the teams can be found on the IndieBio website.

The 60-minute live-stream will include short films about each of the companies, insights on the current state of biotech, plus a live Q&A.

This page is for General Audience, please contact [Madeline Behr](mailto:madeline.behr@sosv.com) if you are an accredited investor looking for the investor page.