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Before founding MushroomCups in 2017, I was a professional basketball player and I played for the Croatian National Team for several years. As a pro-athlete, my life focused on the quest for constant improvement. Whether enhancing my strength, stamina, mental clarity, speed, or reflex response– every slight improvement would help me on the court, where I’m competing with the best athletes from other countries and where a single point can determine the outcome from an entire season of effort. During that time, I became an expert in all forms of personal development and physical fitness, but it came at a price. I was oftentimes a guinea pig trying new supplements, or diets, or exercise methods.
I’ll save you the details, but I spent a lot of time detoxing and even needed surgery to reverse negative side effects from artificial supplements that I thought were going to help my body and mind.
Now with an even more urgent desire to heal my body, not for sport, or money, or fame, but for my genuine health and well-being, I focused on a solution that was literally in my backyard: the mushroom kingdom.