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GPS stands as one of the most remarkable innovations of our era, transcending its use case as navigation tool to become the global reference for time. Utilizing GPS for position, navigation, and timing synchronization in crucial systems such as data centers, the energy grid, and consumer electronics has become indispensable to our economy However, as our dependence on GPS grows, geopolitical tensions and the rise of new technologies like autonomous systems are exposing its limitations. Governments worldwide are now seeking alternative solutions. Enter MesaQuantum: we’re developing next-generation chip-scale atomic clocks that aim to reduce our critical reliance on GPS, while ensuring we have GPS capabilities all the time…everywhere. MesaQuantum has developed low cost, chip-scale atomic clock that can seamlessly be integrated into existing electronic boards. They do this through a quantum technology developed at the University of Colorado, Boulder, which is one of the world leading universities in Quantum technologies. Their chips are 10 times better, 10 times smaller and 100 times less expensive to manufacture than the state of the art technologies in this critical time keeping application.