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At Hypercell, we identify and manage biological contamination of the food chain to improve productivity and protect human health. Our patented, on-premise molecular diagnostic is as accurate as the gold standard PCR, provides results in less than 1 hour (instead of up to 4 days) without the need for expensive equipment, a lab or trained operators. 

Despite improvements, 45 million Americans are affected by food borne illnesses each year. Testing for pathogen contamination in the food chain is always a compromise: rapid tests are not accurate enough, while sensitive tests (like PCR) take multiple days for results. Food operators therefore don’t test enough to know the level of contamination of their products and often get results too late when finished products have already been sold and consumed. Our breakthrough technology provides food operators with a reliable, on-premise molecular test that gives results in <1h with the same accuracy as the gold standard PCR, without the need for expensive equipment or highly trained personnel.