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Over 32 million cancer survivors face the risk of recurrence. Patients are told they are “cancer-free” only to discover that a few undetectable cancer cells survived initial treatment and have begun to multiply.

FREZENT is developing a novel class of bispecific antibodies for targeting dormant cancer cells that have survived chemotherapy and may cause recurrence. Their approach is to block metabolism in dormant cancer cells to prevent their reactivation and survival. The technology is based on the academic research of founder Dr. Natasha Shtraizent. She started the company when her mother was diagnosed with recurrent cancer and was joined by her co-founder Lina Freage-Kahn, just months after Lina lost her uncle to lymphoma.

The team is currently focused on monoclonal antibody discovery and proof-of-concept studies and is rapidly moving towards preclinical development in cancer animal models. FREZENT is backed by a strong advisory board of leaders in oncology and pharmacological drug development. Together, they are creating a future where long-lasting remission is the reality for all cancer survivors.