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Dr. Zev Gechtman is a Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Cell BioEngines and oversees company’s product development and management strategy. Dr. Zev Gechtman has over twenty years of industry experience spanning big pharma, life sciences tools and diagnostic companies where he led drug-discovery projects and product development teams.

Dr. Gechtman held product management roles with life sciences tools companies Sengenics and Abcam. Prior to that he spent over a decade with Cell Signaling Technology (CST) developing innovative products for drug discovery and research of signal transduction. Prior to joining CST, Dr. Gechtman worked at Johnson & Johnson where he led drug discovery and technology assessment projects. Among various roles at Johnson & Johnson he co-led a cross-functional team to discover new erythropoietin receptor agonists and was a member of the cell therapies and regenerative medicines corporate task force.

Dr. Gechtman holds Ph.D. in biochemistry from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel where his research focused on the multi-functional, blood circulating protein Vitronectin. He conducted his post-doctoral research in the department of vascular biology at Children’s Hospital, Boston where he studied the cellular mechanism regulating the shedding of heparin-binding epidermal growth factor-like factor (HB-EGF) and the interaction of vascular endothelial growth-factor (VEGF) with the pro-angiogenic cell surface molecule Neuropilin-1.