Bloom Labs is pioneering breakthrough in material science by harnessing the value of natural waste by-products, a protein-rich and globally abundant raw material, to create high-performance alternatives to textile and plastic materials.

Our mission is to make circularity an actuality. We see a future where old resource-intensive processes are replaced with cutting-edge next-gen alternatives.

Using bio-manufacturing, advanced protein engineering, and molecular biology, our proprietary technology plasticizes waste, regenerating it into uniquely practical and versatile pellets. The pellets are spun into high-performance fibers, designed to emulate the properties of current market-leading materials – as plush as cotton, as lush as silk, and as functional as polyester. These materials are scalable and commercially viable yet avoid the use of harmful petrochemicals and resource-intensive processes.

Our expert team of interdisciplinary scientists is reimagining material sourcing for multiple sectors and developing commercially feasible alternatives which will create a future of seamless integration, infinite feedstock, and limitless possibilities.